Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Job Opportunity at Britam, Sales Executive

Job Purpose and Key responsibilities


Job purpose:

The job holder will be responsible for growth of revenues for the branch to meet set annual premium targets for the branch. The role will report to the Branch Manager of MIC.

Key responsibilities

  • Secure new business directly or through intermediaries and alternative channels.
  • Service existing business and follow up to ensure renewals at 90% for the renewable businesses.
  • Maintain excellent customer service to intermediaries, direct customers and all the stakeholders.
  • Undertake initial underwriting in accordance with set guidelines to ensure sound acceptance of risk.
  • Ensure payment of premiums before policy attaches.
  • Follow up to ensure intermediaries are paid commissions timely and accurately.
  • Recruit new Agents, Brokers, Banks and source for business partnership for premium increase and growth of market share.
  • Manage Agents, Brokers and Banks recruited through auditing of company stationaries.
  • Train, coach and support new MIC Agents and Brokers to achieve sales targets.
  • Follow and adhere to underwriting guidelines and standards as communicated by the Branch Manager from time to time
  • Prepare daily sales reports as required
  • Guide and assist clients on claims processing.
  • Deliver on performance requirements as defined in the strategy map and personal scorecard.

Key Performance Measures

  • Achievement of production targets/Revenue growth
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention
  • Premium collection
  • Working Relationships

Internal Relationships:

  • Accountable to the Branch Manager
  • Required to liaise and work closely with Underwriting, Finance, Claims and other departments as may be necessary

External Relationships:

  • Britam customers
  • Intermediaries (Brokers and Agents)
  • TIRA and other regulatory institutions​​​​​​​

Knowledge, experience and qualifications required

  • Bachelors’ degree in a business related field
  • Professional qualification in Insurance (CII certificate or equivalent)
  • At least two years’ experience in a similar position
  • Knowledge of Insurance Industry and concepts
  • Knowledge of Insurance regulatory requirements
  • Knowledge of sales and marketing

Essential Competencies

  • Presenting and Communicating Information: Speaks fluently; expresses opinions, information and key points of an argument clearly; presents effectively; responds quickly to others ‘reactions and feedback during conversations; projects credibility.
  • Working with People: Shows respect for the views and contributions of other team members; shows empathy; listens, supports and cares for others; consults others and shares information and expertise with them; builds team spirit and reconciles conflict; adapts to the team and fits in well.
  • Adhering to Principles and Values: Upholds ethics and values; demonstrates integrity; encourages individual responsibility towards the community and the environment; models the organisational values during every day interactions.
  • Analysing: Analyses numerical data and all other sources of information, to break them into component parts, patterns and relationships; probes for further information or greater understanding of a problem; makes rational judgements from the available information and analysis; demonstrates an understanding of how one issue may be part of a much larger system.
  • Planning and Organising: Adhere to and monitor clearly defined objectives; plans activities and projects well in advance and takes account of possible changing circumstances; identifies and organises resources needed to accomplish tasks; manages time effectively; monitors performance against deadlines and milestones.
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations: Focuses on customer needs and satisfaction; sets and models high standards for quality and quantity. Monitors and maintains quality and productivity. Works in a systematic methodical and orderly way. Consistently achieves projects goals

The deadline for submitting the application is 19 October 2021.



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