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Job Opportunity at Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS), Operations Manager

 Operations Manager

FZS  Nyerere – Selous Conservation Project (NNP)

(2 year post)

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FZS Vision in Tanzania:

Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) works in Tanzania to support its government partners to conserve wildlife and ecosystems focusing on protected areas and outstanding wild places. We work with and for people to secure biodiversity in key ecosystems worldwide as the basis for all life and the livelihoods of present and future generations. FZS maintains long-term conservation programmes in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. The Africa Programme is the Society’s largest and oldest and works with partners in five focal countries: Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  In Tanzania, FZS works to deliver conservation in the Serengeti, the Selous and the Mahale ecosystems in partnership with the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

Background:  Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) has recently been awarded a grant of some Euros 4.6 million to secure emergency operations and recovery for Nyerere National Park following the ongoing downturn in tourism as a result of the global pandemic.  Similarly, TAWA has been awarded E 1.5 million for the same purpose.   FZS is the project executing agency for this BMZ funding, and will be delivering this funding in conjunction with TANAPA and TAWA.

Purpose of the job

To support efficient and effective implementation of project activities supporting the protection and management of Nyerere National park through the above mentioned BMZ/KFW grant.  


Based at Matambwe Sector HQ,  Nyerere National park Tanzania. With regular travel across to the Selous Game Reserve and occasional travel to Dar-es-Salaam, Dodoma and the FZS Country Office as needed.

Operational Structure

  • Reports to the FZS Programme Manager – Nyerere - Selous
  • Interacts daily with with the FZS staff based in the Nyerere National Park and in the Selous Game Reserve.
  • Supports key TANAPA and TAWA staff based in the Nyerere National Park and in the Selous Game Reserve.

Expected Core Outputs

  • Support the effective and efficient implementation of all field based BMZ project activities; 
  • Supervise and oversee management of FZS Matambwe  camp and any additional camps as they are established;
  • Conduct and plan meetings with staff on a weekly basis to ensure field activities are coordinated and joined up for effective over-all delivery, and that movement of personnel, vehicles are coordinated to most effectively and efficiently deliver the organizations objectives;
  • Collaborate closely with TAWA/TANAPA to implement cohesive, unified and efficient law enforcement operations;
  • Ensure financial administration procedures and controls of project resources are implemented - including but not limited to workshop spare parts, project equipment, vehicle usage, aircraft movement.  Ensure documentation is properly recorded;
  • Support logistical arrangements for project activities;
  • Work closely with partners and other stakeholders in the Nyerere National park  in the implementation of FZS  activities; 
  • Work closely with Project Leader to ensuring that there is value for money for every activity done; and
  • Build the capacity of, frontline staff and key partners in conservation protection in the delivery of all project activities.


  • Coordinate with FZS project staff to provide complete activity reports covering their work, and compile these for monthly submission to the FZS Programme Manager. 
  • Assist the FZS Programme Manager in the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports by obtaining activity reports from FZS field staff and compiling these, for onward submission to the Tanzania Country Director.

Partner Relations and Networking

  • Strengthen linkages, networking, participation, cooperation and learning between FZS – TANAPA and a wide range of stakeholders including government, TAWA, partner conservation NGO organizations, government leaders and other key partners
  • Coordinate and communicate with the managers and wardens in charge of the respective sectors/areas and other units as required
  • Close communication with the FZS Programme Manager Nyerere - Selous regarding any ongoing government or partner projects in the NNP. 

Project Management

  • Facilitate team building and motivate and maintain strong working relationships with all FZS staff and staff of partner organizations;
  • Implement team communication strategies with partners including the government, NGOs and others;
  • Ensure FZS policies and regulations are implemented by project staff;
  • Proper, efficient and transparent use of project funds ensured and expenditure within agreed FZS and donor budgets and according to FZS Financial Policies and Procedures;
  • Support the preparation of project reports submitted as per FZS, BMZ/KFW donor and TANAPA/Nyerere - SGR/TAWA requirements; and
  • Provide necessary support to project staff and reinforce the core FZS values to enable staff to wholly understand FZS operations and culture.

5. Requirements:

Qualifications and Experience required

  • Graduate Degree in Natural Resources,  M.Sc. preferable;
  • Excellent communication skills in both written and oral English;
  • Experience of planning and implementing law enforcement and monitoring in large protected areas in Tanzania;
  • Knowledge of both consumptive and non-consumptive wildlife utilization with a non-biased opinion;
  • Good computer skills, including use of Office programs such as Outlook, Word and Excel;
  • Must have a proven safe driving record, provide documentation of past traffic violations upon request, and maintain a valid driver's license; and
  • Ability and willingness to work and live in a very remote area under basic conditions.

Behaviour Competencies required 

  • Team work: Cooperating and working effectively in order to achieve a shared goal. Supporting the development of the FZS N-SCP team
  • Communication: Be able to communicate effectively and clearly with colleagues and project partners
  • Management: Able to work without direct supervision and supervise, motivate and manage project staff as required.
  • Planning and organising: Good organizational, problem solving, and decision-making skills. Setting goals and workplans in an effective manner; indicating necessary action, time and resources and monitoring progress
  • Problem analysis: Pointing out problems, recognising important information and establishing connections between various data. Tracing potential causes for problems
  • Integrity: to work with utmost integrity and uphold the FZS code of ethics. Be able to maintain sensitive and confidential information
  • Flexibility: the role of pilot sometimes requires extended work hours, workdays, work weeks and call-outs for emergency response, occasional overnight travel to Stations and other Reserve and Park sides areas may be required.

Deadline for applications:  August 14th 2021 at 15.30 hours

Interested applicants should send their CV, letter of application (in one PDF document) outlining suitability and motivation to apply for the post, with all required supporting documents on or before the August 14th 2021 at 15.30 hours to the following address

Only successful applicants will be contacted for interview.


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