Monday, May 10, 2021

Job Opportunity at HakiElimu, Consultancy


At HakiElimu, we know that change begins with ourselves. Working at HakiElimu is not just a professional experience; it is a personal journey. We support each other in reflecting on and envisioning the change we seek in our individual lives. We take the time to meaningfully examine why we each do this work, what it means to do this work, the values and dreams that brought us here, and how through our work, we grow ourselves

The following opportunity is currently available:

Consultancy on the Provision of External Audit Services for The Financial Year 2021. Interested consultants should submit their technical and financial proposal not later than 23rd April 2021. The application should be sent to procurement@hakielimu.or.tz

Download the ToR here.


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