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28 Employment Opportunities at AGPAHI Tanzania September 2020

28 Employment Opportunities at AGPAHI Tanzania September 2020 

The Ariel Glaser Paediatric AIDS Healthcare Initiative (AGPAHI) is a non–governmental organisation that plays a pivotal role in complementing the Government of Tanzania’s efforts towards the attainment of its development goals. AGPAHI strives to provide quality and integrated HIV/AIDS health services to children and families. AGPAHI supports the provision of high-quality HIV and other health services and ensures that efforts are well-integrated into existing regional and district health systems.

AGPAHI is looking for motivated, result driven, qualified and competent candidates to fill the following positions:-

Job Title: Manager, Results Management (1)
Reports to – Executive Director
Duty station - Dar-es-salaam

Purpose of the job:
To monitor the delivery of AGPAHI’s mandate by ensuring accountability for the organisation results as well as its alignment to the overall achievement of work plans implementation for all units in AGPAHI.


  • Participate in the development of departmental strategies to ensure alignment of the AGPAHI activities with the overall AGPAHI strategic objectives;
  • Facilitate the design of an integrated solutions that will enable the achievement of strategic targets in line with the national priorities on HIV/AIDS Interventions;
  • Ensure effective institutionalisation of and compliance of results based organisational planning and reporting;
  • Monitor the tracking of the actual work performed against the set work plan by conducting monthly reviews to ensure adherence to the work plans for all departments and units;
  • Facilitate the implementation of the results-focused communication strategy;
  • Lead the facilitation of the institutional resource mobilisation initiatives by proactively engaging donors and diverse partners in order to broaden the resource mobilisation portfolio;
  • Ensure effective coordination and engagement of the AGPAHI stakeholders;
  • Oversee the implementation of the results-focused communication strategy;
  • Advice the heads of departments on the actions to take to address the gaps that hinder the achievement of organisational results and taking remedial actions as well as responding to rapidly evolving changes and requirements;
  • Provide guidance in driving the initiatives that deliver funding for the AGPAHI programs;
  • Communicate with all heads of departments and units on any new developments or changes on the program status;
  • Develop results management policies and procedures on an on-going basis to identify and propose new policies or changes as needed to ensure they are being properly adhered to;
  • Identify capacity gaps and training needs assessments on achieving desired results and recommend relevant training solutions for implementation to the Executive Director; and
  • Participate in the development of the department budget and monitor the utilization to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the use of allocated resources necessary for the implementation of the departmental strategy.

Required Qualifications:-

  • Master’s degree in Project Management, Public Health, Public Administration, Development Studies, Statistics or an equivalent from a recognised University.
  • 9 years’ experience working with donor funded organisations requiring community level engagement;
  • Strong communication and presentation skills;
  • Knowledge of relevant AGPAHI donor requirements;
  • Ability to produce comprehensive reports;
  • Demonstrated expertise in monitoring and evaluation;
  • Good facilitation skills and ability to deliver training; and
  • Discretion with confidential information


Job Title: Laboratory Services Manager (1)
Reports to - Director of Programs
Duty station - Dar-es-salaam

Purpose of the job:
To oversee and coordinate all laboratory services activities in all AGPAHI supported regions and provide technical support to all Program officers and laboratory personnel on laboratory services to ensure quality services in line with AGPAHI strategic objectives.


  • Engage in planning, organizing, and overseeing the daily operations of all Lab related program activities
  • Coordinate the implementation strategies in liaison with Laboratory Program Officers and other stakeholders in the districts and regions to improve and standardize the quality systems in all AGPAHI supported laboratories;
  • Coordinate modification and application of Standard Operating Procedures, laboratory manuals, guidelines, worksheets and forms as appropriate to ensure efficient laboratory services operations;
  • Coordinate the implementation of all program activities under laboratory services in accordance with the set work plans and strategies;
  • Identify additional regional technical assistance needs in collaboration with the Lab services Program officers to ensure laboratory quality assurance;
  • Assess Laboratory quality systems in AGPAHI supported sites in collaboration with Laboratory Services Program Officers to identify areas of improvement and subsequently offer advice and technical assistance;
  • Coordinate the inspection of clinical laboratory services in AGPAHI supported regions to ensure they are of good quality in line with set requirements;
  • Provide technical support, mentorship and supervise Laboratory Services Program Officers and laboratory personnel at AGPAHI supported sites to ensure quality integrated services;
  • Coordinate implementation of elements of quality management in all laboratories in AGPAHI supported regions and sites to ensure provision of quality services;
  • Liaise with the AGPAHI technical teams in the regions and Headquarters, to provide strategic technical guidance on laboratory activities in field and strategies for improvement.
  • Conduct capacity assessment of laboratories and initiate capacity building efforts to ensure that the laboratories are well equipped for efficient delivery of services;
  • Represent AGPAHI in relevant laboratory technical forums at national and donor level to provide input in matters affecting AGPAHI laboratory services;
  • Supervise lab related data collection, analysis, reporting and proper documentation to as part of research and knowledge development purposes; and
  • Collaborate with the Laboratory Services Program Officers to regularly inform all local stakeholders about the AGPAHI supported laboratory activities in the regions.

Required Qualifications:-

  • Master’s degree in Medical Laboratory Technology from a recognised University.
  • Current registration with the Medical Council of Tanganyika or equivalent professional body
  • A minimum of nine (9) years of relevant work experience
  • Knowledge of the current laboratory guidelines, standards, tools and best practices;
  • Knowledge of national guidelines on HIV/AIDS;
  • Previous experience working with international and local partners;
  • Experience in working with donor programs that require community-level engagement;
  • Excellent skills addressing complex people management issues;
  • Good training facilitation and delivery skills;
  • Ability to produce complex and informative reports;
  • Knowledge and understanding of AGPAHI donor requirements.


Job Title: Field Operations Supervisor (1)
Reports to: Regional Program Manager
Duty station: Mara

Purpose of the job:
Provide effective supervision on Grants, Procurement, IT and Finance operations for the assigned regional office under the guidance of the Regional Program Manager to ensure regional programs receive necessary support.


  • Participate in the development and implementation of strategic plans for operational functions in collaboration with the respective operations managers to guide processes and activities;
  • Monitor the successful implementation of the work plans for the operations team in line with the set organisational strategies
  • Monitor the regional expenditures for the operation functions against the approved budget;
  • Monitor the implementation of administrative policies and procedures on an ongoing basis to identify and propose changes accordingly;
  • Approve leave requests for the operations team in liaison with the respective managers;
  • Generate periodical and ad-hoc reports on regional operations so as to provide information and findings necessary for effective decision-making;
  • Maintain all operational documents and electronic files to ensure they are complete and well-organized for ease of retrieval when need arises.
  • Provide necessary input during the recruitment processes of the respective employees; and
  • Provide guidance and support on all regional operations in line with the AGPAHI policies and strategies.

Required Qualifications:-

  • Degree in Business Administration, Management or any related field from a recognized University.
  • A minimum of six (6) years of relevant work experience Knowledge and experience in organizational effectiveness and operations management
  • Proven expertise in operations and financial management;
  • Knowledge of the development context and experience in the development sector;
  • Knowledge of donor and partner requirements;
  • Ability to produce complex and informative reports; and
  • Knowledge of relevant local authority requirements.

Position Title: Senior HR & Administration Officer (1)
Reports To: Regional Program Manager
Duty Station: Mara 

Purpose of the job:
The Senior Human Resources & Administration Officer is a self-motivated individual who will provide oversight to personnel matters and oversee essential administrative activities in Mara region. He/She will be responsible to the Regional Program Manager and will work in close collaboration with the Human Resources & Administration Manager to support Regional Office.


  • To maintain an efficient administration system for human resources information for the region
  • In collaboration with the HR and Administration Manager, to ensure adequate staffing and development of staff at AGPAHI
  • Advice Mara Office on any HR policies and procedures issues.
  • Educate staff on performance management process and supervisors to perform a performance management in Mara.
  • Conduct a staff training needs assessment and design staff development plans.
  • Ensure the Human Resources procedures and policies are carried out and in areas like recruitment procedures, probationary periods monitored, orientations.
  • Oversee the general administration and management of staff leave database in the region
  • Ensure that Supervisors have performance reviews with their staff in a timely manner each year.
  • To manage all leave requests for regional Staff as per Tanzanian Labour Laws
  • Training, learning and development for staff is identified and organized for staff in line with budgets available for the training and development.
  • Keep abreast of new policies and procedures in Human Resources that apply to Tanzania
  • Propose ways and means to maintain and retain qualified and competent staff
  • Ensure that safety needs are met in the office and risk management taken into account
  • Conduct a staff training needs assessment and design staff development plans.
  • Supervises the activities of the Administrative Staff
  • Carry out any other responsibilities as assigned by the Regional Program Manager and the HR & Admin Manager

Required Qualifications:-

  • Bachelor degree in Human Resources Management from recognized University
  • 6 years’ experience in Human Resources and administration duties
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience of managing a team
  • Ability to work efficiently and quickly in a fast paced environment
  • Previous work experience in working with NGOs would be preferred
  • Highest ethical and integrity
  • Computer literacy, with comfortable working experience with the basic Microsoft packages (Word and Excel )


Job Title: Program Officer, Clinical Services (19)
Reports to: Cluster Lead
Duty station:   Mwanza, Mara and Shinyanga

Purpose of the job:
The Program Officer, Clinical Services will work as a key member of AGPAHI’s Technical team. He/ She will run day to day program implementation activities in AGPAHI supported regions. The PO, Clinical Services will work in close collaboration with other staff members to ensure timely implementation and reporting of activities for AGPAHI supported programs


Assists in co-ordination of Care and Treatment in the programs

  • Co-ordinate Care and treatment activities at local partner sites
  • Assists in co-ordination training of health workers at project sites as deemed necessary
  • Conduct supportive supervision and technical assistance and share findings with other program staff and technical supervisor
  • Ensure and strengthen linkage between RCH integrated activities and Care and treatment
  • Support and monitor implementation of integrated programs including TB/HIV, early infant diagnosis (EID), and PITC according to national guidelines
  • To assist TCB, CL and LAB in the supervision of these programs

Provide technical inputs and assistance to health facilities and project staff

  • Visit health facilities and provide onsite technical assistance to health facilities and project staff including assisting at the clinic days, assisting sites in data collection and submit to direct supervisor.
  • Together with sub grantees, plan and oversee sub grantee site activities as stipulated in proposals (To systematically monitor the progress versus planned activities / targets.)
  • To systematically provide guidance for improvement and follow up whether or not issues have been solved, or advice has been followed.
  • Identifying site staff training needs, organize and facilitate trainings when required
  • Participate in development of proposals and work plans for PMTCT and C&T sub grantees
  • Supervising district mentors’ activities in assigned districts

Facilitate quality improvement of service delivery by sub-grantees

  • Apply QI principles in regular supportive supervision through focusing on priority areas and utilizing QI-based methods /tools for improvement.
  • Analyzing and providing feedback on results to site staff, CHMT, PC-QI, immediate supervisor and where possible RHMT.
  • Assist health facilities in formulating, implementing and following up Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs), providing technical assistance regularly and when requested through regular supportive supervision, QI meetings and other site visits.

Facilitate monitoring and evaluation of our sub grantees

  • To perform a systematic supervision of M&E systems and to make effective use of M&E data to monitor performance and to provide feedback.
  • Make use of  CTC 2 and GLASER data base to monitor performance of sub grantee
  • Assist sites with quarterly preparation of C&T and RCH activities reports when necessary
  • Assist in the preparation and review, compilation and submission of RCH , C&T, TB/HIV, PITC reports to the M&E department

Facilitate communication with partners

  • Acts as the main contact person for sub-grantees to coordinate the communication between sub-grantee, Field office and other program staff
  • Provide feed- back to sub-grantee and other relevant stakeholders based on ISS, M&E and specific departments
  • Advocate for inclusion of PMTCT and C&T activities in the CCHP

Reflective practice and organizational learning

  • Document lessons learnt and provide inputs into the way forward/best practices for project implementation
  • Assist in the dissemination of lessons learnt and better practices from the program

Required Qualifications:-

  • Bachelor Degree in Medicine
  • Experience in providing HIV care and treatment services. 
  • Minimum of (3) three years of clinical experience required with 2 years working experience in HIV/AIDS care and treatment
  • Excellent knowledge of national and World Health Organization and MOHSW guidelines on HIV care and treatment
  • Computer literacy is necessary and the applicant should be  comfortable working with the basic Microsoft packages (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)

Job Title: Program Officer, Cervical Cancer Prevention (02)
Reports to: Senior Program Officer Reproductive and Child health
Duty station:   Mwanza and Mara

Purpose of the job:
Execute all planned AGPAHI’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Program (CECAP) activities within the required standard to ensure alignment with the overall AGPAHI’s objectives.


  • Implement the Cervical Cancer Prevention Program (CECAP) program activities as guided by the set work plan and departmental strategies.
  • Build working relationship and provide technical support to Regional and Council Health Management Teams (RHMT and CHMTs) in planning, coordinating and supervising cervical cancer screening activities in the respective regions and councils;
  • Work closely with the Coordinator RCH to build capacity of the health facility staff through training and mentorship on cervical cancer prevention to ensure optimal provision of quality services;
  • Collaborate with the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children and other key implementing partners to support and actualise the implementation of Cervical Cancer Prevention strategies;
  • Collaborate with the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children to supervise and mentor health care workers at AGPAHI supported sites in implementing CECAP activities;
  • Support regional Council Health Management Teams to build the capacity of service providers in documentation, data collection and analysis;
  • Participate actively in CECAP meetings and forums so as to provide input on relevant issues that affect AGPAHI Cervical Cancer Prevention Program activities; and
  • Disseminate lessons learnt and better practices from Cervical Cancer Prevention projects for continuous improvement in the execution of program activities.

Required Qualifications:-

  • Bachelor degree Nursing/Medicine or its equivalent from a recognised institution
  • Possession of Cervical cancer screening skills;
  • Skilled in Provider initiative and Voluntary counselling;
  • Skilled in Adherence and Enhanced adherence counselling;
  • Ability to establish and sustain working relationships with the Government Ministry of Health, and regional Council Health Management Teams;
  • Ability to organise and facilitate training in CECAP, HIV and AIDS prevention, care and treatment areas;
  • Ability to produce comprehensive reports;
  • Significant and up to date knowledge of the current CECAP, HTC guidelines, standards, tools and best practices.


Job Title: Program Officer, Community Linkage (03)
Reports to: Cluster Lead
Duty station:   Mara
Purpose of the job

The purpose of this job is to lead community initiatives that support effective referrals and follows up of clients between the health facilities and the surrounding communities to promote Care & Treatment, Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) and Family Planning. This position works closely with the Care & Treatment & PMTCT Program Officers as regard to provision of technical guidance to implementation and documentation of lessons learnt from the sites


  • Facilitate networks and linkages with potential organisations that are involved in supporting people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs) through counselling, nutrition and income generating programs at the project sites to broaden channels through which AGPAHI can reach PLHAs;
  • Work with the sites to strengthen linkages within the different departments and programs of the health facilities to enhance promotion of care and treatment;
  • Identify potential partners that can qualify for funding support in activities of improving community linkages;
  • Participate in development and transition of Information, Education and Communication materials for community support;
  • Build capacity of lay counsellors in the project areas through training and mentorship to equip them with necessary counselling skills;
  • Conduct routine site visits to provide technical support and improvement of performance in related program areas;
  • Strengthen the capacity of partners and PHLAs support groups in improving community linkage activities;
  • Provide technical support in best approaches for improving referrals and follow – up of clients in the community;
  • Represent AGPAHI in different collaboration meetings between the government and other organisations  that focus on strengthening continuum of care in the community to establish strategic networks;
  • Share experiences of implementing community linkages with other AGPAHI Staffs and other partners for field success story publications;
  • Monitor implementations of community linkage activities by the sub grantees in line with set work plan and requirements;
  • Initiate regional meetings for HIV/AIDs program partners to increase networking in the project areas;
  • Support field community linkage officers in planning and implementing their duties in accordance with set plans and objectives;
  • Participate in preparation and planning for different AGPAHI meetings to discuss organisational activities.
  • Compile and prepare quarterly programmatic report on community linkage activities to inform management and donor decision making.

Required Qualifications:-

  • Degree in Social Sciences or Community Development from recognized University
  • Knowledge in HIV/AIDS and the Tanzania Government structures
  • Proven experience in working with rural communities in problem identification, setting solutions/planning and implementation.
  • Minimum of (3) three years working experience in Community or Social work
  • Excellent knowledge of national and World Health Organization and MOHSW guidelines on HIV care and treatment
  • Computer literacy is necessary and the applicant should be  comfortable working with the basic Microsoft packages (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter quoting the title of the position, a CV and the Names and contact information of three referees (at least two of which must be professional) before the closure of business on Friday 18, September 2020 to the  Human Resources and Administration Manager by e-mail to Please quote the title of the position applied for in the e-mail subject line or on the application envelope.

AGPAHI is an equal opportunity employer. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
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