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Vacancies at Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) April 2019

Vacancies at Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) April 2019
1.0 Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA) is one of the Technical Institutions in Tanzania and a Government Executive Agency under the Ministry of Finance and planning that was established on 1st July, 2002 by the Government Notice No. 489 of 1st November, 2002 and officially launched on 24th January, 2003 as per Act NO. 30 of 1997 to provide education and conduct Research & Consultancy in the fields of Accountancy, Procurement and Logistics Management, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Marketing & Public Relations, Public Sector Accounting & Finance and other business related disciplines



The Rector shall be responsible for:- 
i. Maintaining and promoting efficiency, effective and good governance of the Institute;
ii. Be the principal academic and administrative officer and Secretary to the Ministerial Advisory Board;
iii. Responsible to the Ministerial Advisory Board for implementation of the decisions of the Ministerial Advisory Board;
iv. Spearheads the continuous development and review of the mission, objectives and policies of the Institute;

v. Mobilizing and procuring internal and external resources necessary for the implementation of the Institute programmes;
vi. Advising the Ministerial Advisory Board on the appointment of the Directors and Senior Staff;
vii. Directing the implementation of strategic plans of the Institute;
viii. Responsible for appointment of Heads of Academic Departments;
ix. Responsible and supervising senior management and academic staff of the Institute;
x. Responsible for proposing major policy initiatives to the Ministerial Advisory Board;

xi. Responsible to the Ministerial Advisory Board for the general conduct and discipline of students;
xii. Be the spokesperson of Institute on all matters affecting the welfare of the Institute;
xiii. Promoting good relation with the Government and other organization ;
xiv. Ensures timely audit of the Institute financial statements
xv. Follows up on availability of funds from respective organs;

The prospective aspirant for the post must be:-
i. Holder of PhD in Finance, Accounting, Management or any other relevance field to the business of the Institute and should be at least an Associate Professor
ii. Holder of outstanding academic and administrative experience of at least ten years (10) in a Senior managerial position in reputable Institution and capability in training in any of the fields related to TIA

iii. Proven ability to develop and coordinate the implementation of academic vision for the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA)
iv. Ability to influence, build coalitions, networks and ability to stimulate and encourage new ideas and development through motivation and support of staff and students,

3.0 REMUNERATION This post offers an attractive package as per TIA scheme of Service

Deadline for application is 14th April, 2019


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