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Rufaa: Form Four Examination Results 2018/2019 (Appeal)

Rufaa: Form Four Examination Results 2018/2019 (Appeal)


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Job title Senior Malaria Technical Advisor 
Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Reports to the Chief of Party

Your contribution
Under the supervision of the COP and in line with USAID and PSI policies the Senior Malaria Technical Advisor will be responsible for:
Monitoring the publication of new evidence at the global and regional level on vector control approaches
Develop analytically sound and comprehensive reports on the possible use of new vector control approaches in Tanzania
Present reports on the potential introduction of new vector control strategies to key stakeholders in 

Tanzania including NMCP and ZAMEP
As appropriate guide the piloting or implementation of new vector control strategies through the activity
Coordinate annual bed net market dynamics reviews
Mentor project staff in global best practices in vector control strategies

Ensure that project activities are implemented in line with WHO guidelines and global best practices for vector control
Continuously build the capacity and knowledge of project staff
Develop partnerships and relationships with in country key stakeholders
Support the project team to prepare annual work plans and reports
Collect, distill, and disseminate the best practices to inform donors and other stakeholders

What we are looking for?
The candidate we hire will embody PSI’s corporate values:
Measurement: You use hard evidence to make decisions and guide your work. You set clear goalposts in advance and explain clearly if you need to move them.
Pragmatism: You’ll strive to deliver the best possible result with the resources available. You won’t be paralyzed by a need to make things perfect.
Honesty: You own your mistakes and are open about your shortcomings – it’s the only way you’ll learn and improve.

Collaboration: You’ll quickly establish a mental map of whom you can rely on for what, on your team, at headquarters, and in our country offices – if you try to do it all yourself, you won’t succeed.
Trust: You accept limits to your sphere of control and give colleagues the benefit of the doubt

Commitment:  You are in it for the long-haul and want to grow with the organization, just like PSI serves its consumers and partners with host-country governments through thick and thin

Our ideal candidate will possess:
Relevant bachelor’s degree, relevant master’s degree preferred
At least 8 years’ experience working on malaria control programs in Tanzania or similar context
Fluent in English, Swahili a plus
Demonstrated global malaria technical knowledge with established reputation for excellence in malaria control
Ability to coordinate and work effectively with diverse stakeholders in numerous locations and levels, including private partners, donors, government officials and bodies, technical experts, civil society organizations, community members and organizations and project support staff

Demonstrated knowledge on malaria control and experience in managing a malaria program
Sound technical knowledge of malaria and vector control policy and context in Tanzania or another similar context
Experience mentoring others in best practices and the development of vector control strategies
Excellent writing and presentation ability
References will be required.
The successful candidate will be required to pass a background check.

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