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Headmaster/Headmistress Job at Buluba Secondary School (BSS)

Buluba Secondary School (BSS) is a Private school owned by SHIRECU (1984) LTD Shinyanga Region Cooperative Union. Currently the school is offering Advanced level and Ordinary level education with almost ten combinations for advanced level. The School is located at Shinyanga with almost 500 students both advanced and ordinary level students. SHIRECU (1984) LTD the owner of the school is therefore looking for the competent and experienced headmaster/headmistress to lead the school. nafasi za kazi

• Job Title: Headmaster/Headmistress
• Department: Administration
• Report to: SHIRECU(1984) General Manager

To lead the school and maintain discipline among student and teachers in order for the school to achieve better performance.

• Team player with the ability to work independently
• High level of integrity, honesty and sense of responsibility
• Self motivated and able to endure long working hours in new  challenging environments
• Committed to deliver work of a high quality that meet and exceed industry standards
• High level administrative kills
• Demonstrate high level of customer cares kills

• The reporting of maintenance needs in his/her section of the school plant to the General Manager and ensure that his/her section of the School buildings, its furniture and fixtures, office equipment, playgrounds, school garden and other properties are properly and carefully maintained.
• Monitor staff attendance on a daily and monthly basis.
• With the other members of the Executive Committee, to be responsible for all employees in his/her section of the school in accordance with the rules laid down by the Governing Council.
• At the time of handing over charge, the headmaster/headmistress/ shall prepare detailed “handing over notes” and a report aimed at a complete orientation to the incumbent.

Be responsible for:
• Preparation of the School timetable through the academic office, allocation of duties and teaching load of the teachers in his/her section.
• Providing necessary facilities to the teachers in his/her section in the discharge of their duties.
• Discipline in his/her particular section of the school, in consultation with the General Manager.
• Plan the year’s academic work in consultation with the staff and hold staff meetings at least once a month to (inter alia) review the work done during the month and assess the progress of the students.
• Supervise classroom teaching and secure co-operation and coordination amongst teachers of the same subject areas as well as inter subject co-ordination.

• Plan and specify a regular timetable for the scrutiny of student’s written work and home assignments and ensure that the assessment and corrections are carried out effectively and on time.
• Monitor and regulate students discipline together with teachers as well
• Develop and organize the Library resources and reading facilities in his/ her section of the school and ensure that the students and teachers have access to books and journals of established value and usefulness. nafasi za ajira
• Ensure that a growing social awareness (concern and compassion for others in need) is developed in the students, through on-going, planned outreach programmers’.

• Send the progress reports of the students regularly to the parents or guardians.
• Send an Annual Report of his/her section to the General Manager to appraise him of achievements and challenges, and areas of needed support in his/her section of the school.

• Help and guide teachers to promote their professional growth, and towards this end actively encourage their participation in courses designed for in-service training and development. This should be done in consultation with the Principal and the Executive Committee.
• Communicate and reinforce school values, beliefs and objectives frequently to staff, students and parents. ajira mpya

• Encourage opportunities for communication between and among staff, students and parents through regular meetings.
• Be responsible for his/her own professional and personal development by availing of relevant resource opportunities which will expose him/ her to the new trends in education, school management, communication and personal skill development.
• Motivate, guide and supervise the work of the teaching staff of the school.

• In consultation with the General Manager and School Board, develop and document an Annual Plan for his/her section of the school which must reflect the overall school vision and mission and ensure staff participation in and ownership of the plan.

We are looking for a graduate candidate with a background in:
• Bachelor degree in Education from any recognized University.
• His/her should have an experience of almost 5 five years in managerial position mostly as a headmaster/headmistress.
• His/her should be not less than 35 years of age.

Submit your application letter together with an updated CV to
General Manager,
Shinyanga Region Cooperative Union-SHIRECU (1984) LTD
P.O. Box 349, Shinyanga
Apply through: Shireculimited@yahoo.com

The post carries an attractive remuneration and fringe benefits , according to Buluba Secondary School Scheme of Service.

Sunday, the 11st of APRIL 2019 at 17:00pm
Location: Shinyanga Town
Postal Address: P.O. Box 349, Shinyanga
TEL/FAX 255282762525
Email: Shireculimited@yahoo.com

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