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Volunteer Opportunities at VSO Tanzania January 2019

Volunteer Opportunities at VSO Tanzania January 2019
Volunteer role: Horticulture Specialist

Role overview
Horticulture Specialist will work closely with the District and ward Agriculture Extension Officers to support the community especially poor households in Kamachumu division to establish kitchen gardens. The prospective volunteer will train Ward and Village Agriculture Extension Officers in horticulture and also train the community on good agronomic practices (GAP), establishment and maintenance of kitchen gardens and proper use of seeds. Nafasi za kazi January 2019

Skills, qualifications and experience
successful candidates are likely to have the following skills, knowledge and experience:
• An education degree or Post-Graduate certificate in Horticulture
• At least 5 years’ experience in Agriculture field especially horticulture
• Fluent English speaker Nafasi za ajira January 2019
• Good written skills in English
• Capability to produce accurate, reflective reports with reference to qualitative and quantitative data
• Key qualities of relationship-building, adaptability and resilience


Volunteer role: Research M&E Adviser

Role overview
In this role the Research Monitoring and Evaluation volunteer will work closely with the Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager and Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator to conduct baseline survey for the Volunteers for Development Project (VfD). The research volunteer’s specific tasks will directly contribute to monitoring and evaluating the VSO projects, through various baseline data collection on interventions and analysis. This analysis will show the benchmark of the VSO projects and help to realistic target basing on the evidence obtained during the baseline exercise.
The information will advise the project for future direction of strategy implementation. If you are an excellent RM&E and you want to share your skills to contribute to better programming intervention, this is your job!

Skills, qualifications and experience
• Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Social Science, or related field;
• 1-3 years’ experience in M&E;
• Experience in managing research projects;
• Experience in management of data either in development organization or government or private company/ firm;
• Experience in training and mentoring others;

• Data analysis skills;
• Ability develop and use ODK platform in data collection;
• Strong interpersonal skills;
• Excellent management skills;
• Good communication skills;
• Fluent in English;
• Knowledgeable of challenges of working in Africa.

The ideal candidate must be a team player with good social and interpersonal skills and networking abilities. S/he should be able to handle conflicts in a constructive, consultative way. Ajira/Kazi 2019


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