Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Jobs at Shugulika Recruitment, January 2019: Security and Safety Officer

Jobs at Shugulika Recruitment, January 2019: Security and Safety Officer

• Our client, A Commercial bank is looking to hire a Security and Safety Officer who will be required to provide independent and objective assurance on the effectiveness and efficiency of the bank’s security and safety of its staff and properties. Kazi/Ajira 2019
• Will be responsible to implement bank security structure and safety plan, administer bank’s security systems available, analyze and manage security risks.
• Act as a liaison between bank and law enforcement with help of legal team, advises on emerging of security and safety issues.

• Will have to provide staff and management with security and safety training and making sure the security system is maintained and well-functioning.
• Will be custodian of CCTV backup, manage physical security guards service providers, lead evacuation and staff recovery plan as well as following up on Internal, External and BOT examination findings.

• Qualified candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent with concentration business administration, banking or business related degree with 5 years of work experience in a bank.

• Must have the ability to identify issues and their root cause, sets priorities and assesses implications.
• Perfect command of spoken and written English.
• Formal bank security training is a plus.

How to Apply:
Qualified candidates share CVs via luisia@shugulika.com before 1st February 2019. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.