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New Jobs at Workforce Management and Consultancy, October 2018

New Jobs at Workforce Management and Consultancy, October 2018
Job Description 
Job title: Head of Operations 
Reports to: Executive Director 
Industry: Construction

Key Responsibilities 
• Understanding the Scope of the project and ensuring the same is briefed to all team Members. 
• Preparing / Reviewing Line Estimates as per latest prevailing market rates. 
• Ensuring all Inputs for preparing detailed estimates. 

• Ensuring accuracy of information on Inclusions / Exclusions considered in Estimation and timely approvals through various orders. 
• Preparation Monitoring of project, variations in designs and Bill of Quantities and ensuring obtaining of Cost escalations in the Project.
Monitoring and tracking of project Cost with respect to approved budget. 

• Monitoring and tracking of project Cost with respect to approved budget. 
• Discussing with Executive Director on cost control measures / taking approvals. 
• Ensure timely closing of project with preparation of Project Close out Report and submission to Clients as per guidelines. 
• Ensure Cash flow statement is prepared and tracked on monthly basis Billing and Certification. 

• Understanding of Priced BOQ, Payment terms and conditions, time duration for payment certification. 
• Verification of Measurements prepared by Site team or contractors in line with Drawings, Joint records and physical Measurements. 
• Preparing Reconciliation of Materials. 
• Preparing abstract, making payment certification and forwarding to designated authority for further processing towards release of payment. 

• Document Control Ensuring that all documents - standards, Guidelines, project specific documents, Estimates are controlled. 
• Records of transmittals are maintained and all Documents are easily retrievable. 
• Planning, Monitoring and Scheduling of Site work. 
• Preparation of Running Account Bills or Client Billing and checking Sub contractor’s bills 
• Prepare Reports as per required by the Executive Director. 
• Rate Analysis as per prevailing market rates. 

Work experience & skills 
• Must have an Engineering degree, preferably Civil Eng 
• Must have at least 5 years of management experience 
• Must be competent with Microsoft word, PPT, Excel, Auto CAD 
• Must be fluent in both English and Swahili 
• Experience or background in Project management would be an advantage Applications: Send your CV to; 

Deadline: 16th October 2018

Job title: Commercial Manager 
Reports to: Managing Director 
Location: Iringa

Key Responsibilities 
• To promote the company’s vision, mission, and core values and make sure that company’s goals are achieved. 
• To ensure that proper and required organizational systems (which include personnel, structures, and tools) are in place and are functioning efficiently, 
• To ensure that the Company is appropriately staffed and to advice the CEO on the need to hire and/or terminate staff as necessary to enable it to achieve the approved strategy; 

• To coordinate departmental functions and roles in order to maximize productivity of each function and role. 
• To ensure that the movement of people, raw materials and finished goods is done appropriately and timely. 
• To ensure that expenditures are within the authorized annual budget of the Company. 
• To assess the principal risks of the Company and to ensure that these risks are being monitored and managed. 

• To ensure that the Company maintains high standards of corporate citizenship and social corporate responsibility wherever it does business. 
• To act as a link between staff and the Company senior management. 
• To communicate effectively with employees on various issues regarding their roles in relation to the Company strategy. 

• To ensure that the CEO is properly informed and that sufficient information is provided to him on public relations, human resources, and logistical issues to enable him to form appropriate decisions and judgments

Work experience & skills 
• Must have a degree in relevant field. 
• 5+ years in management role. Applications: Send your CV to; 

Deadline: 16th October 2018

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