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Job Opportunities & Interns at Deloitte East Africa November 2018

Job Opportunities & Interns at Deloitte East Africa November 2018

Consulting - Institutional Strenghthening Advisor- S&O - USAID Lishe Endelevu Program

Main purpose of the job
The successful candidate will provide leadership in capacity building interventions aimed at strengthening multi-sectoral coordination for improved nutrition at the local government to improve the nutritional status for women of reproductive age. The job holder will guide the development, design, management, implementation, evaluation and reporting of all capacity building interventions.

This position reports administratively to the Deputy Chief of Party and technically to the Deloitte Program Director.

What you will do/Specialized Competencies
Enhance multi-sectoral governance of the Council Steering Committee (CMSCN), district, village and ward committees on nutrition through experiential capacity building approaches that include training, continuous mentorship, supportive supervision, community support groups, peer-to-peer support, and cross-district learning;

Lead the development of capacity building work plans and capacity development plans in collaboration with the Lishe Endelevu management team;

 Provide technical guidance on the design and delivery of a diverse range of institutional capacity building interventions to strengthen multi-sectoral coordination within local government;
Work with other Lishe Endelevu partners to support the implementation of the National Multi-sectoral Nutrition Action Plan (NMNAP) by engaging with Multi-Sectoral Committees on Nutrition at council, district and village levels;

 Ensure monitoring and evaluation of nutrition interventions through tracking and monitoring the progress of nutrition multi-sectoral committees at the council, village and ward levels;
Ensure coordinated planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting; and provide associated training and mentorship to enhance the effectiveness of nutrition programming at the national and subnational levels;

Consulting - Monitoring & Evaluation Officers- S&O - USAID Boresha Afya Southern Zone

Main purpose of the job
The Monitoring & Evaluation Officers will be responsible for supporting the regions sub-grantees to collect, analyze and report quality data while ensuring that they comply with all data management and quality dimension requirements of the program. They will take lead in identifying Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) capacity needs of the sub-grantees and provide support in building their capacity at all levels.  

They will oversee the use of agreed national M&E tools and ensure timely, quality and reliable data reporting. They will be responsible for covering all requirements of the component of the program and maintain conducive working relationships with facility staff, the RHMT & CHMT and other relevant partners working in their region.

Consulting - Finance Intern- USAID Boresha Afya Program

Main purpose of the job
The Finance Intern is responsible for daily mobile payment, data recording in the system, reconciliation as well as ensuring that all documents related to mobile payments transaction are in place.

This position reports directly to the Finance Manager.

What you will do/Specialized Competencies:
Assist in clearing backlog for M-pesa and mobile payment posting to the  system;
Assist in reviewing M-pesa payments;
Updating mobile payments and M-pesa cash book;
Perform mobile and M-pesa payment reconciliation;

Ensure documents are properly named and filed;
Provide daily transaction posting status;
Assist in preparation of schedules for mobile payment;
Perform any other duties as assigned from time to time.

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