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Jobs in Tanzania: General Manager Maziwa Cooperative Union, August 2018

Jobs in Tanzania: General Manager Maziwa Cooperative Union, August 2018
Vacancy: General Manager 
Maziwa Cooperative Union (MCU) Limited is a dairy farmer cooperative union currently constituted by 20 registered Primary Cooperative Societies in Rungwe District, Mbeya Region. MCU was registered on 18th June 2018 with a Registration No. 5605 under the Cooperative Act No. 6 of 2011 of Tanzania. The Union currently established its headquarters in Tukuyu Town, Rungwe District. The Union is established to support farmers in enhancing milk productivity and production: mobilizing milk collections and markets; foster businesses and harnessing extension services among their members; and vying opportunities and protecting dairy farmers' interest.
In order to reach these strategic objectives. MCU shall engage General Manager. The position will he based at the Maziwa Cooperative Union offices in Rungwe. 

Reporting: The General Manager will report to the Board of Directors or any established organ (Management Committee) and will working closely with Management and staff of the MCU members; that is Primary Cooperative Societies (Producer Organizations); and Milk Collection Centres (MCCs). 

Specific Responsibilities 
• Identify market for milk produced by farmers and collected at Milk Collection Centers through establishment and maintaining partnerships with key milk off takers. 
• Provide strategic leadership and visioning to Maziwa Cooperative Union to ensure it is a profitable and sustainable entity providing services to its members. 
• Responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing activities of the cooperative using the established operating systems. procedures, schedules and budgets. 
• Ensure proper recording of all produce received, sold and/or unsold. 
• Planning, facilitating and coordinating extension provision and farmer mobilization. Develop and recommend to the Management Committee long- and short-term plans to achieve co-op Union purposes. 

• Prepare annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors Management Committee and be held accountable for control of resources of the Cooperative Union and by extension its members. 
• Develop strong Linkages and liaison with partners and service providers in the dairy sector. In particular play a leading role in communication especially with the BOD, farmers, EADD Tanzania (East African Dairy Development Programme), customers, service providers, government and all other relevant stakeholders. Prudence should be exercised to safeguard business integrity and confidence. 

• Be responsible for planning. supervision and control of the resources of /En cooperative including! staff. equipment. facilities. finances, stocks. etc. Ensure that efficiency and sustainability are achieved wherever possible. 
• Supervision of performances of all staff employed by the cooperative to achieve proper and business like results. 
• Secretary to the BOD meetings and implementation of BOD decisions 
• Ensure a profitable, growing business in all the activities undertaken by both the union and the cooperative societies. 

• Safe custody of all Cooperative books, accounts, assets, registers. certificates, seal, cheque books, and all other accounting documents. 
• Facilitate and provide all known information to assist in internal and external audits as ordered by the BOD or East African Dairy Development Project(EADD) 
• Preparation of organization work plan, budgets, trial balances, financial reports, extension reports, management reports and other reports as may be required by the BOD. 
• Develop farmers and staff payrolls 

• Maintain a system of receiving and recording of Cheques, RIGS transfers. Money orders. Banker's Cheques, Bills and any other instrument received by the cooperative for or on behalf of its Clients. 
• Ensure the establishment and maintenance of a sound management-system that trickles down to primary POs. 
• Ensure compliance with all applicable laws: licenses, permits, health regulations, employment, etc. 
• Manage the personnel recruitment, supervision, performance evaluation, and separation procedures for the union staff in consultation with the cooperative union management committee. 

• Develop a staff organizational structure in accordance with the personnel policies and needs and maintain maximum service to customers. 
• Prepare a yearly payroll budget that meets operating budget constraints. 
• Ensure a safe, healthy workplace for employees, adequate training of staff and promote a culture of professionalism, enthusiasm and high quality of performance. 
• Develop and execute an advertising and marketing strategy to increase co-op memberships. sales and public awareness of the co-op's products and services including for the union. 

• Communicate information about the co-op to members through its website, social media, newsletter and an annual report. 
• Engaging MCU members and develop strategic community/farmers partnerships and Strategic Planning for Growth and Expansion. 
• Collaborate with key partners. consultants and other professionals in the planning and implementation of modernization and expansion. 
• Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Unions Management Committee. 

Qualification and Experience 
• Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Economics, Agribusiness, cooperative Management and any other related courses from recognized institution. 
• At least 4 years working experience with a Cooperative organization. community-based development organization, microfinance institution or bank. 
• Experience in participatory assessment, monitoring and evaluation, training and facilitation, data processing or analysis and computers. 
• Ability to articulate a vision and get group members to buy into it 

• Experience in organizational transformation, growth. and/or expansion. 
• Entrepreneurial spirit with demonstrated creativity & innovation in business 
• Ability to mobilize and organize community and groups 
• Good contextual knowledge of local issues, community priorities, organizational relationships, social and cultural constraints and realities, and environmental conditions. 

Terms and Conditions of Employment: The terms of employment are on contract initially for one year and renewal will be based on availability of funds and performance. There will be a probationary period of three months 

Application and duration 
The position is expected to be filled by Mid-September. 2018. interested applicants to apply on or before 31st August 2018, and should include cover letter, updated CV, Current and expected salary, and names and contacts of two referees one of whom should be the previous supervisor. 

Hand delivered application to the address below: 

P.O. BOX 460, 

OR By Email: mcujobs2018@gmail.com

Source: The Guardian August 20, 2018

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