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Senior Quality Assurance at Blue Recruits, July 2018

Senior Quality Assurance at Blue Recruits, July 2018

Preventing errors in manufacturing or production that lead to product defects. Testing products extensively before their release.

Location: Dar Es Salaam
Nationality: Tanzanian only
Salary: competitive for senior experience

Application: admin@bluerecruits.com and job@bluerecruits.com
Phone Number: 0713 777 823
Deadline: 6th July 2018

Required Qualifications
Education: Chemical and process Engineering or similar

Experience: minimum 5 years experience. Experience in working with plastic is a bonus

• Working together with a Quality Assurance (QA) team to assess product problems and brainstorm solutions
• Checking that raw materials or components involved in the production process are of suitable quality
• Inspecting production machinery and employees to make sure the production process runs smoothly
• Writing production plans that minimize risk of mistakes during production
• Estimating time involved in assuring each product's quality
• Meeting project deadlines
• Writing and reviewing testing plans
• Performing stress tests that expose the product to increased temperature, vibration, and humidity
• Investigating causes of defects that occur during the testing phase
• Assessing whether employees need training to prevent mistakes during production

• Creating test plan automation procedures
• Suggesting improvements to company infrastructure and processes to prevent future mistakes during production
• Communicating with Quality Control about existing defects and how to prevent them in future products
• Communicating with other departments such as project management and engineering to coordinate scheduling for QA testing
• Reporting discovered defects to all relevant departments for correction
• Applying technical skills related to the product being tested (knowledge of programming languages to software QA, knowledge of machinery for hardware, etc.)

Email CV: job@bluerecruits.com
Mobile: 0713 777 823

Please note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Deadline: 6th July 2018

Blue Recruits Limited is a local Human Resource consultancy agency based in Dar Es Salaam , Tanzania. This is a newly registered company in 2017, however our professional staff are experts who carry on board decades of experience and knowledge. Our team offers high quality services to provide the best outcomes specialized in the recruitment needs from a diverse set of business sectors.

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