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General Manager at Workforce Management and Consultancy, July/August 2018

General Manager at Workforce Management and Consultancy, July/August 2018
Job Description 
Job title: General Manager 
Location: Tanzania Industry Advertising 
Reporting To: Executive Director and Executive Chairman

Role Purpose 
The role of the General Manager is to effectively manage and oversee all company operations from top line to profit line. The role requires engagement with various stakeholders including Municipalities, Airport Authorities, Private Landlords and key clients from all industry segments. Ability to interact and engage with CEOs, MDs and high level executives of Big Corporate is essential! 

Key Responsibilities 

1. Stakeholder management: 
Responsible for engaging with all key stakeholders both formally and informally. Ensuring that a company has strong mutually beneficial relations with all key partners.
2. Sales: 
Actively drive sales and manage the full sales function to meet annual revenue budget. 
Engage and meet with all the top 20 clients on a quarterly basis. 
Engage and be involved in the contract renewal process and ensure at least 80% retention of business. 
Involvement in the client delivery process and ensure timely execution.

3. Operations: 
Responsible for monitoring and evaluating media performance and to recommend upgrades, relocations and or site culling. 
Implement industry’s Best Practice in outsourcing and subcontracting works. 
Evaluate and motivate for new capex and development. 
Be part of the innovations committee responsible for new product development. 
Ensuring that we have running contracts with private landlords, councils, municipalities and managing all stakeholder relations. 

Prepare annual and quarterly business plans. 
Ensuring that the company implements best practice for Health & Safety for staff working on heights. 
Implementing the appropriate and necessary systems, strategies, action- plans and controls required, to improving general operational and management delivery as well as to fully achieve all stated business objectives and budget targets

4. Finance: 
Responsible for meeting the EBITDA monthly and annually. Presentation of Management Accounts to EXCO. 
Monitor and enforce adherence to finance operating processes and procedures Preparation of various sales reports. 
Implementing best practise in procurement process. 
Together with the finance manager, manage the cash-flow position and negotiating business terms both short term and long term financing with the bank. 
Overseeing the budgeting process and taking ownership of the budget. 

5. Human resources: 
Responsible for all HR aspects and ensuring that staff are motivated and rewarded equitably. 
Responsible for quarterly performance management reviews and managing non-performing staff. 
Ability to groom and turn non performers to superstars is key.

6. Marketing: 
PR Engagement 
Manage and monitor CSR Campaigns 
Manage various marketing activities 

Defend and grow market share through various marking activities.

Applications: Send your CV to;

Deadline: 3rd August 2018

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