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Marketing Volunteer For The Tanzania Health Summit, June 2018

Marketing Volunteer For The Tanzania Health Summit, June 2018
JOB DESCRIPTION FOR: Marketing volunteer for the Tanzania Health Summit
Executive management and administrator

Main purpose of the role
The main purpose of this role is to deliver creative and effective marketing programs that will promote attendance, advancement, growth and reputation of the Tanzania Health Summit.

Key responsibilities
  • To strategically approach both old and new customers and enticing those institutions/companies to support summit through massive event participation
  • Develop and apply effective marketing channels to engage target audience and create value for attending THS
  • Escalating a customer base by expanding an outreach to potential customers
  • Create and Review all marketing contents for all the marketing materials and see that it aligns with the THS objectives.
  • Run social media promotions and campaigns and track success
  • Develop Email marketing strategy and execution
  • Keeping up to date on web technologies and social medias tactics being used and evaluating how THS 2018 can take advantage of such opportunities to attain the event objectives.
  • Update and maintain a proper marketing database and networking contacts.
  • Ensuring proper event coverage of the summit through video and still pictures and leverage the resources for post-summit advocacy.
Education and skills
  • Bachelor in marketing or related field
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Good computer, internet searching and social media skills

NOTE: This is a volunteering position with no financial benefit
Interested applicants should send their an application letter, CV and academic certificates
to info@ths.or.tz before 21st June 2018.

About Tanzania Health Summit 2018
The Tanzania Health Summit (THS) 2018 is the fifth annual health summit forming the largest platform in the country, which attract more than 1000 participants. The conference participants bring experience from a wide variety of disciplines, and include health professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacist and other allied health science cadres). Others include health policy makers, health researchers, public health professionals, health insurers, health equipment’s and medicine suppliers, and private health investors and entrepreneurs. The goal of the summit is to exchange ideas and best practices across disciplines in order to improve public health and healthcare delivery in the country.

Why should you plan to attend THS 2018
1. Meet with professionals from the widest variety of disciplines in the healthcare industry
2. This is your chance to learn about successful strategies in other fields that may be applicable to your own work
3. Be among of the team, which accelerates the required positive transformation in health sector

4. Let people (policy makers and others) know the contributions and achievements you have made, which (might) significantly bring changes and impact the health sector at large
5. Get to know scientific research findings from different research institutions and their plan of implementation
6. Who is who in health industry; Market your brand, interact with health business executives, acquire new buyers or service providers and keep growing.

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