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Director of Information Systems and Engineering at Simusolar, May 2018

Director of Information Systems and Engineering at Simusolar, May 2018
Job Description: 
Director of Information Systems and Engineering
May 11, 2018

Director of Information Systems and Engineering Job Responsibilities:
The Director of Information Systems and Engineering will be responsible for leading a cross-functional team of hardware and software engineers, and information technology specialists, both front and back end, for product engineering, and development.  This role has the unique challenge of maintaining existing systems, increasing their functionality, and developing new products for launch.  There are software and hardware aspects of the role, as well as strategy, management, and implementation.  

Director of IS and Engineering Job Duties:
Product Development Leadership
1. Responsible for leading product development teams, ensuring assigned project goals and objectives are achieved while following established development procedures.
2. Drive the creation of technical specifications, design specifications, and system validation plans to meet project deliverables.
3. Assembly, testing, and iteration of product designs with a primary focus on electrical engineering.  Coordinate with CTO on mechanical engineering and other aspects. 

4. Develops the nature and scope of present and future product lines by reviewing product specifications and requirements; appraising new product ideas and/or product or packaging changes.  Co-designs development process and timeline.
Project Management
5. Responsible for leading cross-functional teams to introduce new information systems functionality, upgrades, product improvements, and lauches.
6. Work collaboratively with Sales, Research, and others to define product requirements
7. Use project deliverables to develop the work breakdown structure and schedules that then drive the detailed activity/task list.
8. Responsible for obtaining accurate time and cost estimates, then managing the project to schedule and budget.

9. Drive progress and visibility using projects schedules, status at a glance, and quality at a glance.  Develop communication documents, presentations, and dashboards for communicating the project status and health to the leadership team.
Production / Assembly
10. Oversees production process, including circuit board completion and installation.
11. Ensuring quality control of systems.
Information Technology Security and Maintenance
12. Ensure security of information systems.
13. Ensure system uptime and timely resolution of issues for mission critical systems, including mobile money and carrier integrations, database, and front-end systems.  

Director of IS and Engineering Skills and Qualifications:
• Project Management including dependent timelines, Gantt charts, and other tools to manage complex, multi-stage projects.
• Customer-Centered Design: the ability to learn about potential customers for a new product in a structured and data-driven way.
• Facilitation, capable of running meetings and working groups that result in contributions from all team members and effective collaboration. 
• Strategic Planning: able to lead a team in establishing a design, technology, product development, and roll-out strategy. 
• Budgeting: able to prepare project budgets and analysis reports for managers. 
• Communication: ability to work in a team-based setting and appropriately engage and inform others, internally and externally.

• Experience: at least 3 years of corporate product development experience. 
• Education: PhD in Electrical Engineering required. 
• Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Project, PowerPoint, and Word.
• Technical expertise in designing DC-DC power converters, power telemetry, maximum power tracking of solar cells and battery charge controllers.
• Experience in PCB design and engaging with design houses required.
• Experience in designing a solar energy product for developing economies.
• Experience in managing new product development, including prototyping and transitioning an idea to production.

Role Structure
• Reports directly to CEO
• Manages engineering, product development and information systems staff in the day-to-day performance of their jobs. 
• Internally works with a cross-functional team consisting of management, sales, operations, software and hardware engineers, and customer service.
• Externally works with manufacturers, product suppliers, organizations also working with our target client base, contractors, and other partners.

Measures of Performance / What Success Looks Like
• Results
o Products launched according to the timeline set by the Product Manager in collaboration with management.
o Product innovations developed and carried through the design process.
o Product quality meets agreed upon standards.
o IT systems operate according to agreed upon uptime.
o Sales, operations, and other internal business clients have the resources and tools required to conduct their work effectively.

• Inputs
o On-time performance; as measured by execution to the project plan.
o Effective engagement of all relevant departments in product development.
o Senior managers know status of project and key action items at least weekly.
o Within budget; as measured by execution to the project plan.
o Decisions are backed by data and analysis.

How to Apply: 
The Application deadline will be on 16th May 2018.The applicants are required to send only  CV and covered letter as one documents.
No need of certificates at this stage.
Also the job title should be shown on the subject of the email.

Apply through jobs@simusolar.com

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