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ENRICH MNP Programme Coordinators in Shinyanga and Singida Regions April 2018

ENRICH MNP Programme Coordinators in Shinyanga and Singida Regions April 2018


Job Description
Purpose of the position
Nutrition International is looking for an ENRICH Programme Coordinator to work closely with WV Tanzania and the LGAs to support the implementation of a home fortification intervention, along with other tasks when required, in Shinyanga and Singida. The specific tasks of the ENRICH coordinator are as follows:

• Ensure continuous availability of MNP at targeted health facilities for distribution to mothers and caregivers of children 6-23 months of age.
• Support the implementation of the ENRICH BCI strategy to promote optimal feeding practices and the appropriate use of MNP.
• Monitor the distribution of MNP and data collection quality at facility level.
• Assess region and district capacity needs to undertake MNP intervention (e.g. human resources and training, community mobilization and supply chain) beyond the support of the ENRICH project.

Scope of Work
 Support LGAs, WV Tanzania and NI in planning the launch of the MNP Programme.
 Support LGAs and WV Tanzania in planning the trainings of ToTs, front-line health workers and Community Health Workers in the implementation of the MNP and BCI programme.
Commodity management

 Support health facility workers to forecast supply needs over the course of the project based on coverage and distribution targets.
 Ensure supply chain mechanism function effectively i.e. accurate recording of dispensed MNP, timely transport of MNP to targeted health facilities and adequate storage of the commodity.
 Support LGAs and NI in monitoring stock levels to ensure timely procurement and continuous supply of MNP.
 Monitor the implementation of the waste disposal plan as outlined in the MNP Implementation Plan.

Data collection, monitoring and reporting
 Work with Regional Nutritionist, Pharmacists and Reproductive and Child Health Coordinator, WV Tanzania and NI to operationalize the monitoring plan as outlined in the MNP Implementation Plan and ensure its complementarity with data collection conducted during the annual survey and mid-term evaluation on coverage, adherence and acceptance as well as stock management.
 Conduct regular monitoring visits at district and facility level to validate MNP programme activities i.e. distribution and counselling, BCI activities, supportive supervision, reporting and data quality audits.

 Participate in quarterly Nutrition Steering Committee meetings to review the quality of reporting of the MNP programme and suggest corrective measures for improvement.
Co-ordination and communication
 Establish and maintain communication with the LGAs and World Vision Tanzania (i.e. Regional and District Nutritionists, Pharmacists, Reproductive and Child Health Coordinators, Community Health Workers Coordinators and World Vision ENRICH Project Manager and Coordinators and M&E Officers).
 Provide regular updates on the MNP programme to the ENRICH Project Officer.
 Represent NI, alongside the ENRICH Project Officer, in Project Steering Committee meetings.
The ENRICH Programme Coordinator will perform other duties as required.

Key Deliverables to NI
 Work Plan for the duration of the contract. The work plan will be developed in consultation with the ENRICH Project Officer and be aligned with the project’s year two Annual Work Plan and MNP Programme Design and Implementation Plan.
 Revised monitoring plan for the MNP programme, including BCI activities, informed by the experience of operationalizing the plan in the first couple of months of implementation.
 Monthly and quarterly progress report, submitted as per the agreed timelines in the above mentioned work plan.
 Final report that includes lessons learned and good practices for improvement in the implementation of the MNP programme, including recommendations for integration of MNP, BCI activities targeted for IYCN and MNP activities, capacity development of healthcare providers, supply chain management and monitoring and reporting.

Reporting Lines
The ENRICH Programme Coordinator reports to NI’s ENRICH Project Officer.

A competitive compensation is offered based on NI consultant rates.
The length of consultancy will be 11 months.

How to Apply
Nutrition International (NI) is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and nutrition of the world’s most vulnerable – especially women and children. NI seeks an ENRICH MNP Programme Coordinator to support the implementation of a home fortification programme in Shinyanga and Singida, with the following qualifications:

• A minimum of five years nutrition program experience at Regional or National level, e.g. coordination of Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition projects
• At least a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, Public Health, Nursing or similar relevant discipline preferred or equivalent experience
• Good knowledge of the Tanzanian health system
• Strong attention to detail and analytic skills
• Proficient in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Strong written and spoken English

How to Apply:
Applicants are requested to send a cover letter and CV before COB, Friday 20th April 2018 to:

Country Director
Nutrition International
International House, Corner of Shabaan Robert & Garden Ave
Knight Frank Business Center 3rd Floor, Room 1- 4
P.O. Box 11982, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 22 212 4833; Fax: +255 22 212 4801

Please clearly indicate the region of interest to work (Shinyanga or Singida)

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