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Employment Opportunities at Under The Same Sun (UTSS), March 2018

Employment Opportunities at Under The Same Sun (UTSS), March 2018

Under The Same Sun (UTSS) is an NGO that promotes the rights and welfare of persons with albinism in Tanzania via education and advocacy about albinism. The organization is looking for two dynamic candidates to fill the following positions: 

1. Personal Assistant to the Executive Director (PAED) and 

2. Student Career Adviser (SCA). 

UTSS is looking for a Personal Assistant to the UTSS Executive Director (PAED) who will be responsible for providing support to the Executive Director. The PAED will liaise with the UTSS team, external partners / stakeholders such as NGOS, CSOs. FBOs, government officials. UN and AU agencies, members of the diplomatic corps and the media on behalf of the Executive Director (ED). The PALD will manage busy schedules, and complete complex administrative tasks that were to be executed by the ED. 

Essential Qualifications, skills and ability 
• At least a Bachelor's degree is required; 
• At least 2 years work experience in administrative and personal assistant roles at the executive level; 
• Demonstrates solid work ethics; 
• Knowledge and passion about albinism; 
• Knowledge and passion about other disabilities; 
• Must have passion and personal interest in people with albinism and others and providing assistance as and when needed; 
• Must possess time/organization/stress management skills 
• Strong commitment to UTSS values, vision, mission, goals and policies; 
• Excellent knowledge; 
• Must possess proficiency with MS Office Suite especially Word. Excel and PowerPoint. 

Student Career Adviser (SCA) is responsible for providing guidance about career choices, further education opportunities and training to grantees while still in academic institutions or on transit to higher education. 

SCA will liaise and work closely with UTSS Student Recruitment and Placement Officer (SRPO), Special Needs Education Officer (SNEO). Education Assistant (EA) and Student Academic Officer (SAO) who possess the academic records of all grantees and are familiar with their abilities, skills and talents. SCA will also share information and academic records of grantees who are about to graduate with the Graduate Employment Placement Officer (GEPO) who will use these details for employment and internship purposes. 

SCA will liaise with all education institutions and with UTSS grantees and will work with career advisors ih the relevant institutions, Tanzania Education Authority (TEA), The National Council of Technical Education (NACTE) and the Ministry of Education. 

Due to low vision some grantees will he slower to learn many skills than their peers without albinism. Intervention at the education institutions where our grantees (in their at least two last years) attend is consequently very important as well. This will encourage these grantees to learn and develop and prepare them for examinations, mainstream further education / career and for life in the community. 

Providing education for persons with albinism is a challenge for the government of Tanzania and the country in general. SCA would be required to travel around UTSS grantees' mainstream academic institutions, communities to offer advice, resources, and support to grantees and their teachers, tutors and lecturers. 

Essential Qualifications, skills and ability 
Qualifications and key skills for SCA 
• University degree or equivalent; 
• Knowledge and understanding of albinism and must be passionate about the genetic condition; 
• Commitment to end discrimination and stigma against PWA 
• At least 2 years' experience in relevant fields; 
• Excellent computer skills and ability to use ICT confidently and efficiently, including Word. Excel. PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Access, Adobe Audition; Adobe Photoshop and any other video and audio technology, web-based applications and customized Management Information Systems; 

• confidence and excellent listening skills; 
• excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing to a variety of audiences in a variety of settings and situations; 
• knowledge of education training opportunities, accredited academic institutions. technical training institutions and available courses; 
• must be approachable and able to form good relationships 
• a non-prejudicial manner; 
• effective communication and organisational skills 
• good team working skills 
• excellent oral and written English and Kiswahili language skills; and 
• ability to identify graduates' training and development needs. 

Successful candidates will be offered an attractive and competitive remuneration package. 

The NGO is an equal opportunity employer. 

The deadline for submission of applications for the posts is on 11th April 2018 at 2:30 pm. All applications should be e-mailed to recruitment2018@gmail.com 

You can also drop your application at UTSS offices located at Mikocheni B Kwa Warioba Taasisi Road P.O.Box 32837 Dar es Salaam 

Mwananchi 27 March, 2018


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