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Manager for Small Lodge Sought at SEGA Limited, February 2018

Manager for Small Lodge Sought at SEGA Limited, February 2018

Manager for a Small Lodge Sought 

SEGA Ltd. seeks a Lodge Manager for a 6-bedroom lodge it operates for sponsors and supporters of its education programs. Located in Morogoro, the lodge caters to individuals and groups participating  in cultural immersion programs and activities. 

• Bachelor's in Tourism, Hotel Management or Hospitality 
• 3-5 years experience in hotel or lodge management and guest services 
• Outgoing, friendly personality 
• Excellent communication skills in English 
• Self-starter and detail oriented. 

Full Job Description 

Objectives of the Position: 
a) Ensure quality services and guest satisfaction and comfort at the SEGA Lodge through smooth functioning of all operations, services, and amenities 
b) Increase Lodge profits while working collaboratively with the SEGA school to ensure continued integrity of its educational programs and mutually beneficial interactions between the SEGA community and its visitors 

Main Responsibilities: 
R1. Guest Lodge Services Management: Ensure satisfaction of Guests 

1. Coordinates all food, beverage, cleaning services, and overall maintenance of the SEGA Lodge 
• FOOD SERVICES - Ensure guests' breakfast and dinner needs are planned for and will be met; hiring and preparing with the cook in advance. 
o Decide on menu, based on guests' dietary restrictions and receive orders 24 hours in advance 
o Supervise cooking staff in the Lodge. Ensure Cook prepares quality, timely meals for guests, ensure refrigerator is stocked with drinks, and kitchen has breakfast food available. 
o Prepare budgets for upcoming guests and use for financial requests to submit to the Accounting Department for all food, beverage and any other supplie,s as needed and replenish stock by going to town with SEGA driver, purchase goods and provide receipts to SEGA Cashier 
o Keep a record of what beverages guests have purchased from the Lodge and take payment from guests when they check-out 

• Cleaning Services - Supervise cleaner, using SEGA Lodge Cleaning Checklist as a guide, to ensure all rooms stocked with clean towels, sheets on the beds, and that the Lodge is clean and orderly. 
o Keep a record of laundry guests have requested to have washed by the Lodge cleaner and take payment from guests when they check-out 

• Gift Shop 
o Maintain a record of what guests purchase at the Lodge's Gift Shop 
o Update the Google Document used an inventory list of what is in the gift shop 
o Purchase new items for the gift shop as necessary to replenish stock and price items accordingly • 

Other Services - Responds to requests from guests for various issues needed during their stay which they may have overlooked--materials or supplies, tourism services, communication services, etc. as needed to ensure visitor satisfaction and comfort 

• Review and strengthen the existing SEGA Lodge services and coordination 
o Review guests' comments from past visits, and seek to improve services. 
o Share any issues, and your proposed solutions, at an early stage with Supervisor 
• Coordinate development of a SEGA Lodge guide for guests 

R2. Operations and Management: Ensure smooth operations, logistics and financial viability
• Budgeting & Financial Management: Follow appropriate systems to budget for and manage all financial aspects of the Lodge business, ensuring profit for the school, following SEGA and Government finance procedures/regulations. Call attention to areas needing improvement as relevant. o Determine costs and profitability of groups of various sizes and seek to maximize efficient, quality, profitable services at all times 
o Produco and share regular financial reports on Lodge performance 
o Ensure appropriate taxation and legal requirements of Government of TZ are followed 
o Maintain all financial records 
• Manage Bookings 
o Maintain a register of all guests 
o Communicate regularly with Nurturing Minds, via email, for bookings as relevant 

• Prepare Invoices for Guests & Take Payments 
o Prepare invoices for all guests and deliver in timely manner prior to check out 
o Deposit all payments from the SEGA Lodge (for accommodation, beverages, laundry, etc.) to SEGA's Finance Department immediately 
o File and document all SEGA Lodge payments and invoices 

• Inventory 
o Maintain an inventory list of all items and assets in the SEGA Lodge 
o Frequently checks inventory and ensures there are sufficient supplies in the SEGA Lodge 
o Ensures there is a constant supply of cleaning and cooking items 

• Maintenance 
o Responsible for ensuring that the SEGA Lodge is kept in the best condition possible. and is maintained at a high standard fur guests 
o Constantly update and follow up with a list of repairs, maintenance and landscaping issues in the SEGA Lodge to report to SEGA's Estate Manager 
o With SEGA's Estate Manager, create a schedule and budget for general repairs and maintenance (i.e painting, fumigating, plumbing) to be done throughout the year. 
o Submit and follow-up with a monthly report of updates on repairs, maintenance and landscaping issues to Estate Manager, Headmistress, and School Manager 
o Keep your Supervisor informed from an early stage, any broken or damaged goods, equipment/material etc. and your proposed solutions 

R3. Marketing: Increase the number of customers staying at the SEGA Lodge.
• Market the SEGA Lodge and other cultural tourism services to Dar-based clients and tourists 
o Market the Lodge to 1) Tanzania-based travel agencies/tour companies; 2) Morogoro, Dar, and regional Hoteliers and 3) US-based tourism agencies, and schools with support from Nurturing Minds
o Ensure safety of school and students, putting in place relevant policies and systems for screening guests and ensuring separation of Lodge and School except during programmed activities 

Outcomes: Guest House occupancy doubled byend of 2019 with eamings of $35,000; SEGA visitors have a favorable impression of SEGA, the school, services provided, and the students Students benefit from cultural interactions, and school is not stressed/over-burdened. 

Qualifications and Skills: 
• Bachelor's in Tourism or Hotel Management or higher level degree 
• 5 years of experience in the Hotel and Tourism industry in Tanzania, with an emphasis on cultural exchange/tourism 
• Strong English and overall communication skills 
• Strong computer skills, with experience using Microsoft Excel, Word and other programs 
• Strong attention to detail, time management skills and ability to prioritize tasks 
• "People person" — someone who is enthusiastic, energetic and able to confidently communicate with different people from different backgrounds 
• Creative and strong problem-solving skills, willing to take the initiative to solve arising issues 
• Integrity, ability to work well independently and as part of a team 
• Commitment to SEGA's mission 
• Marketing skills and experience 

Interested candidate should send their CV to: pollytanzania@gmail.com and cc to; dana.droller@gmail.com and blasmwiza120@gmail.com before March 18, 2018

Source: The Guardian February 21, 2018

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