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Job Vacancies at Precision Air Services Plc, February 2018

Job Vacancies at Precision Air Services Plc, February 2018

Precision Air Services Plc is a fast growing private Tanzanian airline which operates in partnership with Kenya Airways, with its strategies to expand wings beyond East Africa and Africa.

In order to keep our services at a higher level and meet our customers’ maximum satisfaction, we wish to invite applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill in this challenging positions.


To plan, supervise and execute company flights in accordance with legal and company policies and procedures for safe, efficient and economic conduct of flights.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • It is the responsibility of the PIC to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft in all stages of ground and flight operations. Plan, and supervise the execution of company flights in accordance with legal and company policies and procedures, authorized checklists and to ensure safe, efficient and economical operation.
  • The PIC will co-ordinate the flight preparation according to directives and procedures in this manual and other relevant Manuals and ascertains that all aspects are covered.
  • The PIC will ensure that the checklist and standard operating procedures are adhered to and thoroughly carried out.
  • It is company policy in order to check the adequacy and ability of each aircraft commander to operate the aircraft efficiently and safely during the mandatory competency check or at any other time that may be decided by the Chief Pilot.
  • Be responsible for the operation and safety of the aircraft from the moment the aircraft is ready to move for the purpose of taking off until the moment it finally comes to rest at the end of the flight and the engines are shut down. The PIC must ensure that:
  • The prescribed instruments, radios, life jackets, first aid kits and all necessary equipment are installed and serviceable.
  • The aircraft is serviceable, and that the current certificate of maintenance/release is in force and that the previously reported defects have been notified in the Technical Log as rectified or transferred to the defect log.
  • The aircraft has been correctly loaded and that the load and balance sheet has been accurately completed in duplicate.
  • That sufficient fuel and oil is carried for the flight including reserve specified by the compan
  • That the performance of the aircraft is adequate for prevailing conditions.
  • The route information, radio facilities, alternate airfield(s), danger and prohibited areas and any other route information are available.
  • That a meteorological forecast has been obtained to cover the route destination and alternate.
  • The PIC as a senior member is expected at all times and in all circumstances to behave correctly. He has to set a high standard of behavior, as he is responsible for the discipline and appearance of his flight crew and cabin crew at all times both in the air and on ground.
  • Be responsible for the safety of all crew members, passengers and cargo onboard when the doors are closed.
  • Have authority to give all commands he deems necessary for the purpose of securing the safety of the aircraft and of persons or property carried therein, and all persons carried in he aircraft shall obey such comman The PIC will take any action deemed necessary to ensure the safety of the flight; if these actions divert from prescribed procedures he will do so in consultation with other crewmembers and submit a report about his action to the applicable Fleet Manager.
  • Have authority to disembark any person, or any part of the cargo, which in his opinion, may represent a potential hazard to the safety of the aircraft or its occupan
  • Not allow a person to be carried in the aircraft who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent that the safety of the aircraft or its occupants is likely to be endan
  • Have the right to refuse transportation of inadmissible passengers, deportees or persons in custody if their carriage poses any risk to the safety of the aircraft or its occupan
  • Ensure that any passengers are briefed on the location of emergency exits and the location and use of relevant safety and emergency equipment.
  • Confirm that the aircraft performance will enable it to complete safely the proposed flight.
  • Not permit any crew member to perform any activity during take-off, initial climb, final approach and landing except those duties required for the safe operation of the aircraft.
  • Other duties as may be assigned by the company

Minimum Qualifications
In possession of Airline Transport Pilot License with a maximum of 5000 HRS total flying hours of which 1500 as PIC and 500 as PIC on 16 tons and above.
Operational background – at least 5 years experience in commercial air transport
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
License qualification and recency as per GOM and TCAA requirements
CRM trained

Closing Date:
Not later than 25th February 2018

Mode of Application:
If you feel you meet the above requirements please send your application and CV to the address below. Only short‐listed applicants will be contacted.

Head of Human Resources and Administration
Precision Air Services Plc
Mail Box 70770
Dar es Salaam
E‐mail: ogoodluck@precisionairtz.com or pwrecruit@precisionairtz.com

Source: Daily News 14 February, 2018


To configure support, monitor and manage Precision Air’s Information Systems ensuring that the systems are available and optimized at all times.


  • Run computer and IT Systems helpdesk.
  • Manage the desktop environment for business applications access.
  • Perform day-to-day maintenance and support of computer systems and networks.
  • Manage and carry on antivirus activities in the entire network.
  • Carry out first level of IS support and administrative tasks as necessary to enable the IS Operations users carry out their duties effectively.
  • Carry on first level of security administration for both Software and IT-Related hardware in the company.
  • Provide technical assistance, support and advice to users.
  • Provide first level support of organization's LAN and VPN, Internet and Intranet systems.
  • Prepares and schedules computer setup, repair, configuration changes, or replacement.
  • Provides telephone, e-mail, remote access, or in-person solutions to day-to-day computer issues.
  • Support IS team in meeting key performance indicators and metrics
  • Assist with the maintenance of records for hardware and software use along with license usage.
  • Displays continuous improvement of current processes and procedures.
  • Develops strategies and processes to ensure on-time delivery of equipment, cost reduction opportunities and performance improvements.
  • Demonstrates good working knowledge of desktop and laptop hardware, and common business software such as MS Office.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of current operating systems


  • Taking reasonable care of own safety and security and the safety of others who may be affected by your acts or omission while undertaking your duties/ tasks,
  • Cooperating with the Company to enable it comply with the relevant regulatory provisions and standards,
  • Using, in the correct manner, all protective equipment and procedures provided by the company,
  • Operating only that equipment on which they have been trained and qualified to operate
  • Reporting to the company, without delay, any defects in procedures or equipment that they are aware of that might compromise safety.
  • Taking all reasonable and practical measures, this may include the submission of safety reports, to prevent injury or fatality to themselves or other persons and damage to or loss of aircraft.
  • Avoiding intentionally interfering with anything provided by the Company in the interest of safety
  • Reporting any conflicts between safety and the operational goals of the Company


  • Creating, receiving and keeping relevant records in accordance with correct filing rules.
  • Disposing of records in accordance with authorized disposition instruments and established procedures
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by your supervisor


  • Level of availability of Systems links/services within set standards to support the business
  • Timely resolution of services faults within agreed SLAs
  • Proactive reporting of systems availability and performance


  • Self Starter and proactive.
  • Analytical
  • Diligent
  • Working with deadlines


  • Bachelor degree in IT or Computer Science or any other equivalent qualification
  • Two Years experience with Installation and support of ICT systems, preferably hardware systems.
  • Industry certification in systems technologies, preferably MCSE,MCITP, CCNA, A+ or ITIL.
  • Experience using a help desk ticketing system.
  • Experience in supporting airport systems will be an added advantage
  • Excellent Communication Skills.

Closing Date:
Not later than 19th February 2018

Mode of Application:
If you feel you meet the above requirements please send your application and CV to the address below. Only short‐listed applicants will be contacted.

Director of Human Resources and Administration
Precision Air Services Plc
Mail Box 70770
Dar es Salaam
E‐mail: pwrecruit@precisionairtz.com

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