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Vacancies at Amani Centre for Street Children, Apply by 19th February 2018

Vacancies at Amani Centre for Street Children, Apply by 19th February 2018

Amani Centre for Street Children is a nationally registered NGO based in Moshi,  Kilimanjaro. Amani is committed to reducing the number of children living on the streets in  Tanzania by providing a safe place for homeless children to heal, grow, and learn and - when  possible - to reuniting them with their relatives. Amani seeks to recruit a dynamic and  innovative person to fill the following new positions. 

1. Psychological Counselor (1) Full time position 

Key responsibilities will include
Overseeing and working with other staff members (including conducting  professional training sessions on basic counseling skills for all staff) to ensure a  comprehensive program of counseling that enables each and every child to get  equal attention and the support needed. 
• Develop and Implement a (psychosocial) Life Skills and Sexual health programs for  children and youth, co-conduct group sessions at Amani and in the street or Arusha  drop-in Centre. 

• Planning for and doing individual (psychological) counseling sessions with 
children with severe behavior and emotional difficulties in order to address specific 
needs, and ensure follow up system on those children in order to improve and/or 
help them change their behavior and/or emotions. 

Minimum Qualifications
• Bachelor degree in Psychological Counseling, or Child Psychology. 
• Bachelor degree in Social Work or Sociology from recognized Training Institutions,  with additional training in Psychological Counseling or Child Psychology. 
At least 2 years of proven experience in working with children with severe 
behavioral and/or emotional difficulties, both one-on-one, and through group 
• A good understanding of the realities of street children and youth 
• Proven knowledge about Life Skills training and coaching for children and youth. 
• Fluency both in Kiswahili and English required. 

2. Health Officer/HIV Officer (1) Full time position 
The Officer in this position shall provide technical support to professionally facilitate 
implementation of the USAID KizaziKipya project in Arusha city especially in all Health  related matters. 
The HIV Officer will play a pivotal role in ensuring the following 
1. Activities contribute to UNAIDS 90 90 90 targets 
2. Functional bi-directional referral systems between communities, clinical services,  and social service providers is established and supported. 
The HN Officer position requires a high degree of integrity, professionalism, flexibility 
and perseverance, as well as the ability to anticipate, identify and resolve problems in 
the field. Proficiency in dealing with HIV/AIDS, M&E, and community interventions are 

The HIV officer responsibilities: 
1. 90-90-90 

Support Street Workers and Youth Workers to conduct HIV risk assessments for 
CLWS/YLWS during case management; accompanies CLWS to VTC when they are 
ready or refer and link to HTC through bi-directional referral system as needed. 
• Ensure close coordination with CTCs to ensure CLWS/YLWS and caregivers 
diagnosed as HN+ Initiated treatment. 

• Support Street workers/Youth Workers to work with high pediatric volume CTCs to  trace HIV+ CLWS who miss appointments, enroll them into KizaziKipya project, and  link them back to CTCs 
• Support Family Workers in HIV adherence to provide support during home visits to  HIV+ CLWS and caregivers 
• Provide support to Street workers/Youth Workers to refer HIV+ CLWS and  caregivers to PLHIV support groups 
• HIV officer Ensures advocacy for shared confidentiality between CTCs and CCWs is  well performed and desired outcome is attained and maintained. 
• Ensure reduced household economic barriers to access HIV testing, initiating  treatment, and adhering to treatment 

• Support CCWs to be able to strengthen capacity of caregivers to support HIV+  CLWS 
• Ensure screening of HIV+ caregivers for depression and link to services 
• Establish and maintain a strong relationship with all HIV testing and treatment  services providers. 
• Work with street workers to engage CLWS in intentional street based activities that  support them to manage risks particularly health risks while on the street and  transition from street life. 
• HIV officer plays a vital role ensuring increased awareness of HIV prevention, ore  and treatment of children/Youth/adolescent and caregivers through evidence  based age appropriate interventions (e.g., Street Corner education, Sports & Games, e.t.c) 

• Ensure medical services In emergence cases are provided to CLWS either by referral  or escorting CLWS to government hospitals or any other appointed medical service  providers 
• Work with other staff to establish and maintain a strong working partnership with  temporary and long term shelter providers, health provision centers, social welfare 
department, police gender desk and other NGOs in planning and delivering 
activities that engage CLWS in ways that ensure their protection against all forms of  abuse. 
• The HIV Officer will plan and deliver health sessions to children living and working  on the street with the support of street workers 
• Facilitate access of HIVTesting and treatment services to families of reunified CLWS 

2. Bi-directional referral system; 
• Support establishment of bi-directional referral system to monitor beneficiaries 
through the HIV continuum of care. 
• Ensure functional bi-directional referral systems in CSO catchment area. 
• Monitor success of the referral systems, and provide support to troubleshoot and 
problem-solve as needed; 
Coordinate activities between, CCWs, and health facility staff on bi-directional 
referral system. 

Coordinate with HIV Testing and Counseling providers on community outreach 
Coordinate quarterly district level quality improvement meetings with relevant 
bidirectional referrals stakeholders 
Work with the M&E officer to ensure all bi-directional referrals data are accurate 
and produced weekly; use data for decision-making including needed systematic 
follow up on cases of incomplete referrals. 
Report on referral systems on a monthly basis on key performance indicators on a 
monthly basis 

3. HIV officer also ensures that memorandum of understanding (MOU) between  USAID KizaziKipya project/CSO and council Is observed and maintained. 
4. Support CCWs to conduct nutritional interventions; Nutrition assessment, 
counselling and support (NACS) 
5. HIV officer also supports participation of CSO in relevant meetings and workshops  (health related) at CSO's catchment area as appropriate. 
6. Perform any other relevant duties as assigned by the CSO's project manager 

Minimum Requirements: 

• Diploma or bachelor degree, preferably in one of the following areas: clinical  medicine, nursing or any other health related diploma/degree. 
• At least two years of experience in a field position with an organization in public health or OVC programming. HIV/AIDS program and experience In managing  referral systems are preferred. 
• Familiar with health systems at regional and council level. 
Excellent written and oral communication skills in Kiswahili and English, including report writing. 
• M&E skills and experience in strategic information is desired. 
• Training skills in working with adult learners, particularly at the comma City level;  experience in an appreciative approach a plus. 
• Able and willing to work flexible, as needed and without constant or close  supervision. 
• Demonstrated leadership and team-bulldIng skills. 

Strogig Language capability in both Kiswahili and English 

To apply, please send your CV with copies of relevant certificates/diplomas, Contacts for  your professional referees and an application letter explaining why you are a suitable  candidate for the post and send to: 

Human Resource Coordinator, 
Amani Centre for Street Children, 
P.O. Box 6515, 
Moshi, Kilimanjaro 

OR email to: jobs@amanikids.org 

Not later than 19th February 2018 

Please Visit our website www.amaniklds.org

Note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted 

Source: Daily News January 29, 2018

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