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Director of Research Information Technology and Communication at The National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), January 2018

Director of Research Information Technology and Communication at The National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), January 2018

The National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) is a Parastatal Institution under the Ministry of Health Community, Development, Gender, Elderly and Children. It was established by the Parliamentary Act (NIMR Act CAP 59, R.E. 2002). The Institute is
charged with the carrying out, control, coordination, registration, monitoring, evaluation and promotion of medical research in Tanzania. In order to fulfil these responsibilities, the Institute is looking internally for qualified, competent and highly motivated personnel to fill the post at NIMR Headquarters, Dar es Salaam.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Responsible to the Director General 

• A PhD in Health related subjects
• Excellent record and extensive experience in research at a senior level
• Previous working experience in research activities at the level of head of station/Department
• Proven ability in resource mobilisation
• Proven experience in leading, supporting, mentoring and motivating staff/teams
• Experience in Research leadership, Project Management and
• Extensive Knowledge and experience of NIMR systems and Management will be an
added advantage 


A suitable candidate should be able to:
• effectively regulate, monitor and control health research conducted in Tanzania.
• monitor adherence to health research conduct regulations, by the Directorate and other warrant holders at NIMR level to acceptable and agreed policy and practice.
• effectively coordinate research Information and documentation at NIMR.
• liaise with Government departments, private and Parastatal organisations, research institutions, and donor agencies on issues related to health research ethics and publications.
• influence, persuade and build research information and documentation systems and networks.
Furthermore, the candidate should have:
• Sound knowledge in research information and documentation systems.
• Proven experience in research and publications.

• To control health research in Tanzania through establishing and maintaining a system for registration of and to register, the findings of health research carried out within Tanzania.
• To monitor and evaluate health research carried out within Tanzania or elsewhere on behalf of or for the benefit of the government of Tanzania other than that conducted by NIMR.
• To develop and update guidelines, regulations and standing procedures for controlling, monitoring and evaluating health research in Tanzania.
• To establish and operate a system of registration and documentation on health research carried out.
• To provide leadership and guidance to Heads of Departments and subordinates to ensure that each performs to expected level of excellence.
• To effectively coordinate research Information and documentation at NIMR and to mobilize sufficient resources to support them.

• To coordinate all research information and documentation activities at NIMR.
• To assist Centres to prepare brochures and profile of research potential at NIMR and effectively market available capacity.
• To facilitate dissemination of major research findings through seminars, conferences, workshops, symposia hosted by various centres.
• To make available to interested parties research abstracts, publications or relevant findings that may inform on policy developments or are instrumental in solving problems.
• To develop and update guidelines for annual evaluation of staff publications at NIMR level for use by Centres.
• To prepare, review and managed Directorate budget plans in accordance with the Institute policies and regulations.
• To prepare and compile Directorate regular, quarterly and annual reports

Mode of Application 
All applications should be enclosed with verified photo copies of relevant certificates and  detailed curriculum vitae and sent to the address below 
Only shortlisted applicants will be notified 

The Director General 
National Institute for Medical Research 
3 Barack Obama Drive 
P.O. Box 9653 
Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA 
E -mail: career@nimr.or.tz 

The deadline for application is two weeks from the first date(22 January 2018) of this advertisement.
For more details, download PDF File. CLICK HERE


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