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Position Title : Project Design Specialist (Education)
Contract period : 2 months (End of September to End of November)
Organization Location : Tanzania (Dar es Salaam, KOICA Tanzania Office)
Place of Performance : Tanzania (Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar)
Period of Performance : 2 months (immediate upon hire)
*The period of performance for this contract is two (2) months, with the possibility of extension according to the needs of the mission and available funding.
Closing Date : September 20, 2017 18:00 (EAT)
KOICA is currently in the process of designing activities under the new education project, “Project for Enhancing the Quality of Secondary Education through a holistic approach in Zanzibar”. This $10 million project intends to contribute improvement of quality education through different activities, such as teacher’s capacity development, support of teaching/learning environment, and establishing sustainable systems amongst local stakeholders.
In this background, the first field research took place in March 2017 and the Education team came up with the Project Document. In the document, major key activities and log frame were designed and incorporated into the needs of the Government of Tanzania(Ministry of Education and Vocational Training).
The project design specialist is responsible for developing the project contents by conducting a field research, cooperating with local education specialist, and providing technical/policy advice to KOICA Tanzania office.

Under the supervision of the KOICA Tanzania Office, the Project Design Specialist shall fulfill the following duties:
During the performance period, the specialist will play a lead role in developing the project. After dispatching to the mission, the specialist can organize a team by hiring short-terms education advisors with a background of each activity (teacher training, community engagement, stakeholder capacity building, learning-environment infrastructure development).
  1. Project Design (60%)
The specialist will ensure the project is incorporated with specific needs in each project site and the beneficiaries. As a result of the performance, the project is expected to closely link up to relevant country development strategies and priorities. Also, the revised project document should establish clear projection of the outcome of the each activity with a strong consideration of the local contents
With the strong understanding of the current project concept and guideline of education sector approach of KOICA, the specialist will conduct an in-depth research of the currently designed and will conduct necessary activities to develop the content. To guarantee a successful mission, the specialist is expected to carry out the following activities.
  • Field Research(project site)
  • Documentation Review (Project Document, Education Situation Analysis, Zanzibar Education Development Plan 2017-2022, etc.)
  • Stakeholders analysis(Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Regional Office, District Office)
  • Assessment of community (FGD/PRA/Questionnaires and Surveys)
  1. Budget and Time table review (20%)
Based on the abovementioned field research results, the specialist will develop a current Project Document and revise budget/timeline for each project activities. The revised budget/time table should be according to data and evidence gained throughout the mission (cost analysis, a quotation by vendors).
  1. Consulting for Implementing/procurement approach (20%)
At the end of the mission, the specialist is expected to make a suggestion of an ideal implementing approach. With the list of potential implementing partners and its specialty/weakness, the specialist will come up with several implementing options to ensure 1) each activity in a project is delivered by competent partners and 2) the best formation to manage from the position of the donor(KOICA). Also, the specialist will conduct research methodologies for procurement that are available in Tanzania(through procurement agencies/ ministry of education).
The applicant is expected to fulfill the minimum qualifications stated below, the following requirements in education, work experience, knowledge, and skills.
  1. Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree in education, international development, International Relations, African studies, public policy/administration, social science or other related fields of study is required.
  • Master degree in a related field (equivalent to 2 years of experience).
  1. Work Experience and Knowledge/Skills
  • A minimum 5 years professional experience in program design (and/or management) for developing countries, strong team leadership, and higher level administrative support is required.
  • Current knowledge of policy, technical and operational aspects of education, gender and/or international development practices. Strong familiarity with the education system of Tanzania(Zanzibar) is an asset
  • Work experience with donor agencies and/or international organizations.
Remuneration: KOICA offers a competitive salary and benefits package(international consultant)
  • Consultancy fee, Allowance, Flight ticket
* Note: the position is an independent consulting base, therefore any employee taxes, pension, health, welfare, or other benefit plans are not provided separately.
Mode of application: Interested candidates should submit 1)cv, 2)cover letter to KOICA( no later than September 20th, 2017.
Inquiries: Inquires (consulting fee, project document, etc.) can be made through email (
Source: The Guardian 13 September 2017


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