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Position Title: Advocacy Program Manager, WRA Tanzania
Work Location: Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA Reports to: WRATZ National Coordinator (Executive Director)
Salary: Competitive
Contact: Please see the below section, “How to Apply,” with application requirements.

Position Overview:
The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood in Tanzania (WRATZ), which is part of the Global White Ribbon Alliance, is a coalition of individuals, NGOs, professional associations, government institutions, ministries, parliamentarians, and UN bodies, who are interested in
making pregnancy safer, currently numbering 3,600 members countrywide including 108 member organizations. The WRATZ vision is a nation where the right of all women and newborns to be safe and healthy before, during and after childbirth is upheld. WRATZ is in
the middle of an exciting period of expanded operations in Tanzania against a new strategy, and we are now seeking well-respected and ambitious candidates to apply for an Advocacy Program Manager (APM) position.

The Program Manager is the primary person in Tanzania responsible for the implementation, administrative, and financial management of WRATZ advocacy campaigns and projects. The position includes day-to-day organizing and campaign planning, as well as project and financial management.

Principal Functions: (core responsibilities of the position):

Program Management
• Develop and manage work-plans that support WRATZ’s advocacy objectives and reporting requirements
• Support the National Coordinator /Executive Director with strategy development and implementation
• Support the National Coordinator/Executive Director in fundraising planning and implementation
• Manage activity planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, including supporting logistics for all meetings, such as advocacy/social accountability workshops, core group meetings, and Board of Directors meetings

Management of financial and administration:
• Manage the project resources prudently within the budget guidelines according to best practice and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
• Ensure smooth running of the National Secretariat finance and administration functions
• Implement, document and report on advocacy campaign and other project activities
• Work with National Coordinator/Executive Director to form a Coalition of Networks in Tanzania to advocate together to ensure social accountability for RMNCAH, collect and maintain records as part of results management plan
• Work with National Coordinator/Executive Director and Communication and Media Officer to develop tools and information to be used by parliamentarians to advocate for more budget to Maternal Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (MNCAH)
• Work with Communication and Media Officer to design and package advocacy messages basing on evidence from the analysed RMNCAH Score card/DHS or other relevant study results.

Internal Relationships: (other positions with whom the position will collaborate, and descriptions of the collaborations)

WRA Tanzania National Coordinator/Executive Director – support the National Coordinator in strategy development and implementation, providing policy analysis or other data needed to achieve WRATZ goals. The National Coordinator also provides supervision and direction to the Advocacy Program Manager, in conjunction with the WRA GS staff, including performance management and annual reviews.

WRA Tanzania Communications and Media Officer – work closely on report writing, project tool and resource development, and other advocacy campaign and project communications

Financial and Institutional Home– member organization that which acts as WRATZ’s institutional home, providing office space and administrative services, and which manages WRATZ finances. The Advocacy Program Manager works closely with its staff in office management and to manage and report on WRATZ finances, including: day-to-day accounting; budgeting; analysis; forecasting; resolution of any financial discrepancies; and providing the financial agent/host all financial documentation needed in a timely manner and ensuring that financial reporting deadlines and cut-off dates are met.

WRA Tanzania Board of Directors –submit regular financial reports & communicate major discrepancies to the National Coordinator who in turn submits to the Board of Directors.

• WRA Global Secretariat Staff – work closely with global secretariat staff on advocacy campaign and project planning and implementation, (sub) grant administration, and financial management, including submitting regular financial and program reports, per the sub-grant agreement, and participating in regular and ad hoc meetings and calls. External Relationships: (external relationships the position will manage)

• WRA Tanzania Members –engage and coordinate national alliance members to participate in and implement advocacy campaign and other project activities.

• WRATZ Partners and Supporters- individuals and organizations that assist WRA in achieving its goals. This may include, but is not limited to, policymakers, members of the media, and financial supporters. The Advocacy Program Manager keeps abreast
of the work of WRATZ partners and supporters on safe motherhood issues, maintains open dialogue and good relations with them, and engages them throughout project implementation, as needed.

• Donors – organizations/ agencies/foundations which currently or possibly in the future, provide grants or sub-grants to WRATZ. The Advocacy Program Manager ensures all donor deliverables and a requirement are met and writes project activity
reports, and submits required program and financial reports, as required by the subgrant agreements.

Other WRA national alliance staff and representatives – work together on project team(s); participate in workshops and meetings, as needed

WRATZ consultants – manage the work of consultants, when needed Skills and Behaviors (Values and Practices)

• Holds self- accountable for making decisions, managing resources efficiently, achieving and role modelling White Ribbon Alliance values Holds the broader team and partners accountable to deliver on their responsibilities


• Sets ambitious and challenging goals for themselves and take responsibility for their own personal development
Future orientated, thinks strategically and on a global scale


• Approachable, good listener, easy to talk to; builds and maintains effective relationships with colleagues, managers, members and external partners and supporters Values diversity and different people’s perspectives, able to work cross-culturally


• Develops and encourages new and innovative solutions Willing to take disciplined risks

• Honest, encourages openness and transparency Commitment to the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood Tanzania Values

Qualifications necessary to perform the core functions of the position:

• Proven track record of successfully planning and managing (sub)grant-funded projects, which are on budget, on time, and without any notices of noncompliance from donors

• Demonstrated superior project management and organizational skills, including experience developing and implementing shared project work-plans

• Experience in developing and implementing at least 1 of the following: monitoring & evaluation plans, communications plans, advocacy campaign strategies

• Minimum of 3 years demonstrated experience with managing and monitoring (sub)grant-funded program finances; preparing and understanding financial reports; and budget preparation and analysis - with a high degree of accuracy

• Understanding of: causes of maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity, and interventions needed; specific maternal health and safe motherhood issues in TZ; and other organizations’ past and current work on maternal health in Tanzania.

• Minimum of 3 years of experience in project management in Tanzania, in maternal, new-born, children and adolescents health or public health preferred

• Strong sense of purpose; personally and powerfully motivated to make an impact on women’s and families’ lives

• Bachelor’s degree in international studies, international development, business administration, or other related field required; medical doctor, nursing, or postgraduate degree in any related field is preferred

• Results-oriented, success-driven, and has the ability to anticipate problems before they arise and take appropriate measures to resolve any issues

• High degree of skill in facilitating, communicates effectively and openly, and can foster consensus, problem solving and personal connections resulting in impact and change

• Respects and embraces diverse voices, placing a high value on participation at all levels, from grassroots to high government officials

• Ethical and engages in transparent, inclusive and fair practices

• Willingness to take on administrative or other additional tasks, as needed to accomplish work

• Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel

• Fluent in English and Kiswahili; excellent written and oral communications skills in English

• Ability to empower citizens in particular women to realize their safe childbirth rights and demand them

• Engage individuals and organizations that assist WRA in achieving advocacy campaign objectives, including politicians, policymakers, members of the media, and financial supporters/donors

Challenges: (any aspects of position that present unique working conditions)

• Position requires a large amount of accountability to the WRA GS, as WRATZ’s grantor, to deliver high-quality, and measurably high-impact, funded programs.

• Frequent travel within Tanzania (outside of Dar es Salaam); occasional international travel

How to Apply:
Interested candidates should e-mail the following to hr@whiteribbonalliance.org with the subject line: Tanzania Advocacy Program Manager Application

1. Name
2. Mobile Phone
3. Email Address
4. Application letter with a brief description on why you think you can do the job,
including work experience (100 words)
5. Resume/CV (2 pages)
6. Two references, including their names, contact information, and their relation to you

The closing date for applications is: end of day, Monday September 29, 2017

Source: The Citizen 19 September 2017


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