Monday, August 21, 2017



Senior Manager; Credit Inspection

Job Purpose
To oversee all credit inspection activities to safeguard compliance in lending policies and procedures and completeness of loan processes.

Main Responsibilities

Ensure timely coordination of all credit inspection activities, plans and projects.

Provide guidance on all credit inspection issues, policies and procedures to ensure smooth operations of credit processes within the bank.

Supervise Credit Inspection team on credit inspection assignments.

Oversee and coordinate preparation, reviews and submission of credit inspection reports to management meetings (LPQ, AFRT etc) for decision making.

Scrutinize overall branch compliance to approved policies and procedures, relevant lending manuals and credit circulars

Initiate and develop strategies towards supporting branches to improve quality of their loan portfolio, through inspection engagement.

Lead credit inspection team to provide training/ coaching to branch staff to bridge the knowledge gaps on credit related matters.

Provide update to management on non-compliant branches on implementation and giving of responses on issues raised by credit inspection for further management decision.

Ensure proper planning of CIU activities and collaborate with other quality assurance providers.

Provide professional judgement and recommendations on issues that requires further escalations/ investigation for management decision.

Support business department in the process of reviewing credit policies and procedures and products manuals in line with credit inspection findings and best practices from the field to minimize credit risks.

Good understanding of bank loan products and its end to end credit process.

Analytical skills

Credit analysis skills

Report writing skills

Knowledge of flex cube and other supporting systems

Good interpersonal skills.

People management skills.

Excellent communication and presentation skills.

 Qualifications and Experience

Post-graduate degree in Banking, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Commerce, Law, or Economics.

At least 5 years working experience in credit related matters,3 years in credit management.
Location: Head Office