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Child Safeguarding:

Level 3 - the responsibilities of the post may require the post holder to have regular contact with or access to children or young people.


The Tuwekeze Pamoja MEAL Officer takes the overall responsibility of operationalizing the MEAL system and SCI MEAL approach for Tuwekeze Pamoja in Songwe programme area. The post-holder will be expected to lead on MEAL system implementation including monitoring of program quality, rolling out accountability initiatives, supporting program evaluations of Tuwekeze Pamoja programme in Songwe. The Program MEAL Officer will lead project research works for innovative programming to achieve the project desired change in Songwe programme area. The post-holder will link with Programme MEAL Coordinator based in SCI Dar es Salaam Office, will technically lead partner’s staffs in data collections, consolidation and management and quality project implementation; The MEAL Officer will be expected to conduct MEAL capacity building of Tuwekeze Pamoja project staff and partners for successful delivery and attainment of project objectives.


Save the Children has been operational in Tanzania since 1986 providing support to children through developmental and humanitarian relief programmes delivered in support of Government of Tanzania priorities and policies both directly and through local partners.  Current programming focuses on child protection, child rights governance, education, nutrition, HIV/TB and emergency response. In 2012, as part of a global reorganization process, Save the Children combined programmes of SCUK, SCUS, SC Sweden to create a single operation in Tanzania.  We currently have an operational presence in Dodoma, Singida, Shinyanga, Zanzibar, Songwe and Kigoma as well as Dar es Salaam and we also work through partners in other parts of the country. We employ nearly 100 staff and have an annual operating budget of approximately $10 million.

Reports to: Tuwekeze Pamoja MEAL Coordinator

Dimensions: Maintains strong linkages with the Tuwekeze Pamoja Programme MEAL Coordinator, Tuwekeze Pamoja Programme Coordinator and Area Programme Manager – Songwe region.

Staff directly reporting to this post: None


Together with the MEAL team and in collaboration with the Tuwekeze Pamoja Programme Managers and partners, the MEAL  Officer will be responsible for establishing and promoting the use of MEAL systems to ensure that the  Tuwekeze Pamoja project team  and partners:

Is informed on the extent to which the Tuwekeze Pamoja programme interventions are affecting the lives of the targeted beneficiaries in Songwe programme area.
Receives regular and timely meaningful feedback from Tuwekeze Pamoja program beneficiaries and partners. The feedback should effectively inform and signal areas of strategic attention for improvement of Tuwekeze Pamoja programme implementation plan.
Provided data for evidence-based knowledge on the positive and negative impacts the Tuwekeze Pamoja programme interventions are realized over the communities during SCI works in Songwe programme area
Collect and compile data of Tuwekeze Pamoja programme implementation that demonstrates the significant value of combining research and innovative programming to achieve the programme intended results and influence policy change.
Program Monitoring, Assessments, Evaluations and Reporting

In collaboration with the Tuwekeze Pamoja Programme MEAL Coordinator establish and ensure implementation of a strong MEAL system for the Tuwekeze Pamoja programme (MEAL plans, indicators, performance tracking tables, monitoring tools, benchmarks etc.) at programme level in Songwe area
Carryout planning and facilitate Tuwekeze Pamoja programme baseline studies, formative assessments, mid-term evaluations, final evaluations and other research studies as well as learning events as part of annual DIPs.
In collaboration with Tuwekeze Pamoja Programme MEAL Coordinator, develop process, output and outcome level Quality Benchmarks and regularly review progress on indicators/achievement of targets (LFA).
Carryout monitoring of Tuwekeze Pamoja programme activities and prepare reports that highlight key project strengths and areas of improvement, and use learning from monitoring reports for project planning and implementation
Review accountability to Tuwekeze Pamoja program beneficiaries’ data and reports from implementing partners and use key learning from accountability system for program development, planning, improvement and implementation in the programme area
Contribute in identifying Tuwekeze Pamoja programme staff MEAL capacity gaps and inform Tuwekeze Pamoja Program Manager and set MEAL capacity building plan for programme staff and partners.
Provide technical support  to the  Tuwekeze Pamoja programme partners’ staff in measuring achievement and progress toward program objectives and results
Implement Indicator Performance Tracking Tool and Output tracker for Tuwekeze Pamoja programme that guides  programme progress updates on a monthly basis
Implement Tuwekeze Pamoja programme MEAL systems and processes to measure achievement and progress towards achieving project objectives/outcomes and results/outputs against indicators (indicator performance tracker tables, quality checklists, etc.) at programme level
Organize data, compile  and report on Tuwekeze Pamoja program in relation to SCI global indicators and total beneficiaries reach reports
Conduct monitoring of program quality using quality bench marks and ensure that findings are shared with relevant stakeholders and explicitly fed back into programme decision making, incorporating accountability and learning
Partner Management

Participate in identification of capacity of present and potential partners in quality programming and ensure that MEAL support is provided
Support partners to implement MEAL aspects of Tuwekeze Pamoja programme for appropriate documentation of programme progress
Facilitate MEAL capacity building training for Tuwekeze Pamoja programme staff and partner.
Accountability and Organisational Learning

In collaboration with Tuwekeze Pamoja Programme Coordinator facilitate with learning activities like planning for Tuwekeze Pamoja program review workshops, prepare lessons learnt reports, etc.
Participate in organizing activities that promote participation of beneficiaries and children in monitoring and evaluating Save the Children development programmes, specifically, Tuwekeze Pamoja programme in the programme area
Implement accountability system and participate in planning and carrying out Tuwekeze Pamoja programme evaluations, impact assessments and research
Representation and Advocacy

Explore opportunity that Save the Children's work is implemented with efforts of other agencies and government, advocating for the specific needs of children.
Ensure that Save the Children's work is coordinated in collaboration with other SC sector teams to strengthen programming and impact for children.
Provide appropriate information of Tuwekeze Pamoja programme to facilitate the effective engagement with donor and Tanzania government officials at all required levels as required to ensure Save the Children is considered a preferred and active partner in Tanzania and in the Songwe Region specifically.
Staff Management, Mentorship, and Development

Ensure that Tuwekeze Pamoja programme and partners staff understand and are able to perform their role
Building capacity and knowledge of Tuwekeze Pamoja programme staff and partners on MEAL systems, strengthening organizational knowledge and understanding of effective programming through networking, experience sharing and searching for innovative ideas
Conduct training to address staff capacity gaps in respect to applying monitoring plans/tools, data collect, analysis and reporting
Demonstrate and practice behaviour that develop a sense of an organisational culture that reflects our dual mandate values, promotes accountability and high performance, encourages a team culture of learning, creativity and innovation, and emancipates Tuwekeze Pamoja  programme team to deliver outstanding results for children and excellent customer service for our members and donors.
Child Safeguarding

All staff have an obligation to ensure they fully understand the provisions of the Child Safeguarding Policy, the Code of Conduct and related policies. They must conduct themselves in accordance with the rules of the Child Safeguarding Policy, in their personal and professional lives – which includes reporting suspicions of child abuse. All staff must ensure the way they are carrying out their work is not putting children at risk (or further risk).


Applying Technical and Professional Expertise:

Shares knowledge and best practice on technical solutions so that others can make best use of that expertise
·         Actively seeks new ways to develop the application of technical and professional standards within the team
Developing self and others:

Gives regular positive and constructive feedback to others
Identifies clear development needs and development
Coaches others to learn from their experiences on the job and to use the resources available to them
Problem Solving and Decision Making:

Gathers the right information and uses critical thinking to make effective and timely decisions
Demonstrates awareness of the wider external influences that impact on decision making
Working effectively with others

Actively listens to new and different perspectives and experiences of those they work with
Proactively supports team members and trusts their capabilities
Demonstrates understanding of their skills and how they complement those of others within diverse teams and groups
Delivering Results

Delivers timely and appropriate results using available resources
Plans, prioritizes and performs tasks well without needing direct supervision
Understands the link between their work and the organisation’s objectives


A degree in an area of social development or equivalent.
Minimum three years practical experience in M&E system coordination/implementation in an international non-governmental organisation or other international development body;
Demonstrable track-record in data tracking and evaluation, with the ability to support staff and partners on M&E methodology and analyse and disseminate complex information to a range of stakeholder audiences;
Well-developed research, analytical (qualitative and quantitative), documentation and  report-writing and skills, with particular competency in participatory research methods;
Ability to write clear and well-argued assessment and project reports. A high level of written and spoken English
Computer literacy, particularly in Word, Excel, Statistical Packages and PowerPoint;
Experience in planning, coordination, and reporting skills, with the ability to organise a substantial workload comprised of complex, diverse tasks and responsibilities;
Strong communication and interpersonal skills in English, with experience working in multicultural, multi location, values driven teams;
Ability and willingness to dramatically change work practices and hours and work with diverse community beneficiaries
Commitment to and understanding of Save the Children International’s aims, values and principles
Information Communication Technology literate

Location: Mbozi Songwe, Tanzania
Contract - Full-Time
Closing date: Thursday 31 August 2017
All jobs close at midnight UK time on the date specified
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