National Consultancy at Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations (FAO)


Under the overall supervision of the Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO)/Chief, Animal Health Service (AGAH)/, the functional and administrative supervision of the FAO Representative in Tanzania, and the direct supervision of the ECTAD Country Team Leader in Tanzania, and under the technical guidance of the Global project coordinator and the SFS Livestock Officer; in collaboration with the ECTAD Tanzania team, the incumbent will undertake the following duties and responsibilities:

Lead, facilitate and contribute to the process of developing/reviewing a national strategy on Antimicrobial Usage (AMU) and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in agriculture, fisheries, food and livestock production and contribute to the development of a National Action Plan to reduce the threat of AMR, with focus on the sections relevant to agriculture, livestock production, fisheries and food; as required under the Global Action Plan on AMR.

Engage and collaborate with relevant national authorities, institutions, organizations and stakeholders, including the WHO and OIE national focal points and delegate on the development of the national strategy and to promote FAO/OIE/WHO Tripartite collaboration in support of the implementation of the Global Action Plan on AMR.

Initiate a national baseline and a review of the available data on antimicrobial usage (AMU), national legislation relevant to AMU, and existing guidelines and regulations in Tanzania.

Initiate a national baseline assessment on existing surveillance systems, capacity and capability of existing laboratories for the diagnosis of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and identify gaps.

Undertake national consultations with government, civil society and private sector to assist in writing the agriculture part of a national strategy.

Assist in the establishment/operationalization of a National 'One Health’ coordinating task force on AMR that take into account and support existing legislative
processes (or other requirements).

Initiate the process of integrating the input from the side of agriculture, fisheries, food and livestock production in the National Action Plan.

Adapt to the country situation existing advocacy tools to support AMR awareness as part of the One Health approach.

Organize a national multi-stakeholder workshop involving major stakeholders (private sector, academia, farmers, government, veterinarians etc.), including participants from the public health, animal health and environment. Ministries of Health and Agriculture will also be invited to directly interact to: map out the livestock and food systems and respective actors, roles and responsibilities and lines of influence, establish a multi-stakeholder platform to support awareness raising activities, advocacy, identification of responsibilities, and improved decision-making and policy formulation on AMU and AMR and to provide the basis for developing a national strategy to reduce the threat of AMR related to agriculture, fisheries, food and livestock production along the lines of the Global Action Plan.

Produce a final report listing activities implemented in phase one and planned activities to be implemented in phase two

Carry out any other duties relevant to this area of work and as delegated by the organisation

Academic Qualifications

I Advanced University Degree in Veterinary Medicine with post-graduate study in microbiology, epidemiology or related fields

Technical Competencies and Experience Requirements
Technical Competencies and Experience Requirements:
- Seven years of relevant experience in animal health sector
- Proven experience in anti-microbial resistance (AMR) and microbiology
- Extensive knowledge on the drivers of AMR emergence and spread
- Good knowledge of the One Health approach and its application and relevance in the prevention and control of AMR and other emerging and re-emerging health risks at the human-animal interface
- Extensive experience in the monitoring/surveillance of AMR and AMU
- Proven experience in conducting animal health risk assessment and or analysis
- Working knowledge of English and technical report writing skills
- Systematic document review and analysis
Duty station: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Duration: 12 Months (With a possibility of extension)
Remuneration: Based on UN salary scales for Tanzania

Howto Apply
Candidates should complete the FAO Personal Profile Form (PPF) asible at:

Applications should be sent with a detailed CV and Personal Profile Form by February 28, 2017 to:

FAO Representative
SIDA H, Ada Estate
Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road - Opposite DSTV Office
P. 0. Box 2 Dar es Salaam

Source:The Guardian 17 February 2017

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