Maintenance Technician


The Aga Khan Health Services, Tanzania

POSITION: Maintenance Technician

The Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam is a part of Aga Khan Health Services, Tanzania (an agency of The Aga Khan Development Network) which is committed to providing quality health care to its patients and promoting Medical Education.
Reporting to the supervisor maintenance the mandate of maintenance technician is to provide repair and maintenance services for all electrical mechanical and plumbing equipments and plants.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

Ensures supply of Utilities (electricity, water, Medical Gases) to the hospital Through Proper Monitoring.
Performs routine and emergency maintenance on the generators, pumps, medical gases, water supply systems ATS and Synchronization Panels.
Repairs all small and large Electrical/mechanical equipment and machines in the hospital including
Generators, pumps compressors washing machines and Kitchen Equipment.
Checks the levels of in-coming DAWASCO/ TANESCO supply and timely switch over to the alternate supply, in case of power /water supply failure.
Prepares documentation (e.g. record/ logs) for the purpose of providing written support in compliance with regulations and/or conveying Information.
Helps his supervisor in Requesting equipment and supplies for the purpose of maintaining inventory and ensuring availability of required items to complete the necessary installation/repair.
Helps his supervisor in timely ordering and receivingutilities such as fuel oxygen e.c.t
• Maintains departmental/Personal tools and equipment for the purpose of ensuring the availability of equipment Ln safe Operating condition.
• Responds to emergency situations during or after hours for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns.

Qualification & Experience

• VETA GREAD ONE in Electrical/Mechanical/ Electromechanical
• Minimum 6 years working experience in service industry such as hospitals or Hotels
• Able to work on multiple trades such as electrical and plumbing.
• Ability to work with diverse groups and commitment to advancing workplace diversity.
• Collaborative partner who values teamwork and integration.
• Employ problem solving and decision making abilities to resolve challenges quickly and creatively through appropriate courses of action.
• Results oriented: Concentrate on activities necessary to achieve departmental and company's goals.
• Customer Centred: Strive to attain a continual standard of 100% internal and external customer satisfaction in all areas
Personnel Characteristics
• High integrity
• Clinical credibility
• Communication skills
• Interdisciplinary team building skills
• Ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts

Application Instructions
Interested candidates must submit applications; include CVs and other relevant documents by January 16th, 2017 through OR applications may be dropped off at the Human Resources Department. The Aga Khan Health Services, Tanzania is an equal opportunity employer.

Source Daily News 10th January, 2017

Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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