NACTE: 4 Days remain, Apply before 27 November, 2016

Welcome to Central Admission System for Certificate and Diploma.

The System allows you to apply for Admission into Further Education for academic year 2016/2017.
Currently Available Application Categories:-
- Admission into Certificate/Diploma
Mafunzo ya Ualimu :- Deadline 27/11/2016

You are advised to select your most preferred category according to prior qualifications that you hold, because your selection depends on your choices and qualifications.
To proceed with the this application you must have the following
1. Valid and Working Email Address
2. Valid Phone Number
3. Payment Mpesa Confirmation Code
Read Guide Book: 
To know exactly requirement of programmes you wish to apply, it is highly recommended to carefully read admission guidebook. Click here to download.
APPLICATION FEE (Non refundable):
Application fee for this academic year are as in following categories:-
- For Certificate/Diploma And Higher Diploma in
Mafunzo ya Ualimu alone :- TShs 20,000/=
NOTE: For More than one professional area e.g Teacher Education and Agriculture, Livestock, Engineering, ICT and other related Sciences professional areas shall be TShs 30,000/=
Which shall be paid through M-PESA using the following menu:
Note: Payment Instructions: Please follow the steps below to pay through M-Pesa:

Payment Instructions Using Vodacom Mpesa:
1. Dial *150*00#
2. Select 4. Payments
3. Select 4. Enter business number
4. Enter the business number (607070)
5. Enter reference No. (1234)
6. Enter Amount (e.g 20,000/=)
7. Enter PIN

8. Press 1 to Confirm:
After confirmation you will receive a message from Vodacom (e.g. "3GQ05BR3F4 28-07-2016 14:41:31 Pay bill to 607070 - NACTE acc. 1234 607070 - NACTE Completed TZS Tsh-20,000.00").

*Use the code at the beginning of the message to enter on payment details text box (3GQ05BR3F4).

Payment Instructions Using Airtel Money:
1. Dial *150*60#
2. Select 5. Make Payments
3. Select 3. Enter business Name
4. Enter the business Name (607070)
5. Enter Amount (e.g 20,000/=)
6. Enter the reference Number. (1234)
7. Enter PIN to confirm Paying 607070 

TShs 20000 with reference number 1234
You will receive a message from Airtel (e.g. " Txn Id: MP160506.0908.A07884 You have paid 20000.00Tshs to NACTE: Your available Airtel Money balance 200.00Tshs.").

*Use the Txn Id: (MP160506.0908.A07884,) to enter on payment details text box.

NB: All applicants are advised to keep in safe place their confirmation number from Vodacom M-PESA payment or Txn Id from Airtel Money for future reference. Applicants are advised to read carefully the admission requirements of each programme they anticipate to apply in the guidebook before initializing the application process in order to avoid problems that may arise due to failure to follow appropriate instructions.
To apply for mentioned category you must be registered to CAS follow the below link to proceed.

If this is your first time click here to start your application.

If you are already registered please click here


Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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