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SAGCOT Civil Society Mapping and Capacity Assessment


SAGCOT the Southern Agriculture Growth Corridor of Tanzania, has the potential to be Tanzania's flagship for development and green growth, in which the public and private sectors. as well as civil society and donor partners work together in an effort to transform the agricultural sector in southwestern Tanzania to meet food security needs in a socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable manner. To support this effort, the Environmental and Social Feeder Groups (EFG, SFG), representing environmental and social constituencies of the SAGCOT Green Reference Group, a high-level advisory body to the SAGCOT Center, seek to deepen civil society involvement at both the cluster and national levels. Many civil society organizations lack appropriate capacity for critical analysis, negotiation, advocacy, lobbying, and hence, effective participation. Others are unfamiliar about specific issues, chronically under-resourced, or just unaware of SAGCOT advancements. These constraints pose significant barriers to effective engagement of civil society.


To consolidate and update environmental and social civil society organizational (CSO) information in priority clusters of SAGCOT through mapping and capacity assessment of key CSO's at the local and national levels.



·         Develop framework for information categories and criteria for determining key civil society organizations (CS0s); prepare basic awareness raising information

·         Compile existing stakeholder and non-state actor mapping information for national level, and the clusters lhemi, Mbarali, and Kilombero.

·         Fill gaps where necessary; Complete updated overall CSO mapping

Capacity assessment

·         Identify key CSOs and conduct capacity assessment which should include (but not limited to) aspects of the following:

·         Understanding of pro-poor and environmentally sustainable approaches including small-scale vs large-scale mechanized agriculture; climate smart agriculture; climate adaptation options; equitable participation in planning and decision-making, including gender, vulnerable groups.

·         Organization's interests and strategic priorities

·         Basic institutional/organizational assessment to understand ability to engage as well as areas that need improvement

Deliverables:roughly 30-page report in English including spatial dimensions of mapping

Time Frame:Initial Draft by 21 December 2016: Final draft by 31 December 2016 

Application Instructions:

All interested bidders submit their proposal not later than 22nd November 2016 through 
or at WWF Country Office located at plot No 350 Regent Estate Mikocheni PO. Box 63117, Dar es Salaam.

Source: The Guardian 16th November, 2016



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