TCU: Procedures for Inter-University Transfers in 2016/2017 Academic Year

Tanzania Commission for Universities
Procedures for Inter-University Transfers in 2016/2017 Academic Year 

The past experience has shown that management of inter-university transfers has been a challenging and time consuming task. For example, in the last academic year, approximately 3,000 transfers were processed, approved and submitted to HESLB for loan re-allocation. Based on observed challenges, the Commission has reviewed the modality of handling transfers of First Year students as follows:

(a) Applications for transfers should be submitted in writing to the institution to which a student wants to transfer to;
(b) The transfer applications must comply with the following criteria;
i. The student to be transferred must have been previously selected into one of the degree programmes;
ii. The programme to which transfer is sought must have empty slots to accommodate new students
iii. The applicant must possess the minimum entry requirements for that particular degree programme
iv. The applicant’s admission entry points to the programme he/she to be admitted should either be equal or above the cut -off point to the programme for which transfer is sought.
(c) Receiving institutions should approve the transfer in writing and submit to TCU for validation and documentation;
(d) The list of transferred students from receiving institutions should be submitted to TCU by 18th November 2016;
(e) All transfers which do not meet the criteria stipulated in part (b) shall be nullified by TCU;
(f) Transfers submitted to TCU after the deadline will not be endorsed;
(g) The list of endorsed transfers shall be published into TCU website;
(h) All transfers endorsed by the Commission will be submitted to HESLB by 30th November 2016 for their appropriate action.

The Executive Secretary
Tanzania Commission for Universities
10th October 2016


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