Development of Mobile Data Collection Application (MDH Data App) at Management and Development for Health (MDH)

Management and Development for Health (MDH) is a leading non-profit Tanzanian public health organization that focuses primarily on public health service, education and research in the United Republic of Tanzania. MDH seeks to advance the public health and health care interests of the people of Tanzania through collaboration with the Government of Tanzania, nongovernmental institutions, academic institutions, and the private sector.

Management and Development for Health (MDH) is seeking qualified and experienced developers/companies to contract for development of a mobile application for collection of various programmatic and research data.


  1. The mobile data collection application should be built on Android platform using Open Data Kit (ODK) which is an open source software.
  2. The application should have a platform to allow future programming to add new data collection forms such as surveys as data collection need arises at MDH.
  3. The application should enable users to generate forms using a drag-and-drop form designer which is implemented as an HTML5 web-based application and targets the common use case of a simple form.
  4. The application should be able to collect a variety of form data types: text, location, photos, video, audio, and barcodes.
  5. The application should provide a ready to deploy online repository to store, view and export collected data.
  6. The application should run on reliable and free infrastructure as well as on local servers backed by MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  7. The application should be able to easily upload a blank form and its media files to ODK Aggregate.
  8. The application should ensure that there is an OpenRosa compliant form -- one that will also work with all the ODK tools.
  9. The app platform should allow XForms to be designed with Excel.
  10. The platform should allow future updates based on new mobile technological advances to include more sophisticated data collection and validation features

How to apply
Interested and qualified developers are invited to submit technical and financial proposals describing how they will do the assignment, along with the in-house capacity to undertake the assignment. All proposals should be addressed to the address below before October 18, 2016.

Chief Executive Oflicer
Management and Development for Health
P. 0. Box 79810
Dar es Salaam.

Source: The Guardian 4 October, 2016

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