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Position Description:

Source: The Guardian 24th October, 2016


Store and trade

The for profit social enterprise Alizetics buys sunflower oilseeds from smallholder farmers in Northern Tanzania and sells the seeds in bulk to oil processing companies in the Tanzanian domestic market. Alizetics is the first oilseed trading company in Tanzania that focuses on smallholders and provides services for this group, including training, market price information, and logistics.

The position

The Business Operations Manager is responsible for the successful leadership and management of Alizetics Tanzania according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors. Overseeing the Alizetics operations, he/she has overall responsibility for managing the revenue and cost elements of Alizetics' income statement. He/she is responsible for effective planning, delegating, coordinating, staffing, organizing, and decision-making to attain desirable profit making as well as social impact. The Business Operations Manager Alizetics reports to the General Manager of Alizetics and is responsible for ensuring the Board has the necessary information and support required to successfully deliver sound governance of Alizetics.

Duty Station:Shinyanga Municipality

Expected Start Date:1st Of December 2016

Area of Business Operation:Simiyu, Shinyaga

Key responsibilities

·         Procurement / buying:

o   Setting up buying centers in the communities

o   Ensuring buying center operations during the buying season, with a strong focus on administrative and quality assurance processes

o   Coordinate effective and efficient logistics between community warehouses and central warehouses

o   Liaise with local government to set tax and in a negotiable way pay the minimum as much as possible

o   Conduct price intelligence to understand the price fluctuation and way to overcome such challenge in order to maintain the intended margin

·         Selling:

o   Lead negotiations with buyers

o   Work with buyers to arrange and coordinate effective and efficient logistics from Alizetics warehouses 'buyer

·         Business development:

o   Look for ways to diversify Alizetics business

o   Deliver sound analyses and work plans for new business initiatives

·         Controls:

o   Work with the finance team to ensure strong controls are in place along the end to end buying and selling processes

o   Prepare analyses and reports for the general manager and board of directors –

·         Staff management & Development

o   You will be responsible for line management of the M&E, Business Analysis, Data, Sales, Communication, and customer care functions

o   You manage a team of 6 FTE and several part timeindividuals, including managing and developing structures and individual talent of the team members.

o   You will also collaborate closely across departments with our Field Operations, Logistics and Finance Teams.


- Integrity: Integrity is an essential element of the is Alizetics culture. You are expected to lead by example.

- Team leadership: You are passionate about people development. You are able to establish and cultivate strong relationships with and between staff . to ensure that everyone can maximize their career performance and job satisfaction.

-Planning:You make sure our complex processes with regards to procurement, buying and selling of the sunflower yields runs smoothly with all stakeholders involved. You are detail-oriented and will continuously find new ways to streamline documentation processing and knowledge management for an operation that is rapidly growing in both size and complexity. Additionally, your history of leading and building successful initiatives with measurable results will support process improvements that will increase our operational efficiency and reduce operational costs.

- Project and Relation Management:You will be responsible for overseeing Alizetics enterprise projects and pilots in addition to the corresponding relationships. You are innovative in seeing opportunities for extending the operations of Alizetics.

- Client Satisfaction:Satisfied clients (sunflower farmers as well as Small and Large-Scale oil processors) are important for Alizetics to realize its growth ambitions. Through your team of field staff as well as through direct client contact you maintain an ongoing dialogue with our clients and suppliers.

- Budget Management:You have the proven ability to oversee a large operating budget. You will efficiently overs the creation and compilation of annual and monthly budgets and reports.

- Drive innovation:You are a strategic thinker and dream big. You will be creating and supporting ideas that will help Alizetics reach its goal of 1500000MT by 2020. Among other this, this will entail providing regular feedback on trial ideas and practical support to our innovations teams as they work to integrate new products and new program design ideas into our core operations. You are pro-active.

Career Growth and Development

Alizetics invests in building management and leadership skills for all staff. In this role, you can expect that your manager will invest significant time in your career development by providing regular, actionable feedback and mentorship during weekly meetings and bi-annual career reviews. We are a team that is devoted to rapid career growth for top performing staff. Therefore, you can expect that your manager and other leaders in the organization will be ready and willing to discuss your long-term career goals and work collaboratively with you to craft a role that you can be passionate about.


We are seeking an exceptional professional with 8+ years of work experience and ideally a demonstrated passion for grain trading business. Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

·         4+ years of work experience at management or leadership level in the private sector or a non-profit environment.

·         Experience in leading large teams, manning managers, and supporting the career growth of others.

·         Strong analytical skills, including the ability to work with large quantities of statistical data and convert it into understandable results, collecting and analyzing information and implementing actions with a view to meet goals and scrutinizing complex work processes and streamlining them for increased output.

·         Ability to solve complex problems and manage crises calmly.

·         Collaborative and proactive working style.

·         Passionate professional who combine strong leadership skills with good humour, patience, and a humble approach to service.

·         Quick learner

·         First degree in business management or related. Master's degree preferred.

·         Language: Proficiency in English and Kiswahili. Mastery of local dialects is an added advantage.

·         Advanced MS Excel skills (Access a bonus)

·         Basic IT/BMIT background an added advantage 

Application Instructions:

Please send your resume and cover letter to by Monday, 12th November 2016.

For any information regarding this position, please contact Mr. Jonathan Kifunda, General Manager, on number +255 28 27 62 921.  

Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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