3 Vacant Posts at Kazi Services Limited

Kazi Services Limited is recruiting on behalf of a Client for two very strategic positions. The client is a Hospital located in Dodoma. All applicants are requested to follow the. instructions below the advertisement.

Reporting to; Hospital Director
Location; Dodoma

Overall Job Purpose
To ensure that the Hospitals operations run smoothly and efficiently, providing a fit for purpose, quality, and customer focused service that delivers in a timely manner. The Chief of Administration and Human Resources will ensure that administrative, monitoring and management information systems are in place to enable the smooth running of the Organisation. The Candidate will also be the direct line manager for all Administration of Estate, Security and Human Resource Management and will be required to supervise the workload and ensure that deadlines are achieved and that the quality of outputs is always at a standard required in a well-functioning hospital.

Duties and Responsibilities:
KRA 1: General Management
Head of Administration Department
Responsible for day to day management of the hospital
Responsible for general management, administration of estates and security.
Responsible for the preparation of Board papers, any other reports required and other relevant reports of the unit and submits to the Hospital Director.
Coordinates Management Committee meetings and any other institutional committee established by the Board of Trustees and performs the role of Secretary to all Management Committee meetings.
In Charge of Hospitals protocols, Planning travel, receiving, maintaining, preparation of visitors' schedules, inductions and guiding all Organizations visitors. 

KRA 2: Human Resource Management
Leading and managing the Human Resource with accountability for day to day management of staff, activities, resources and operations, including all staff related matters of supervision, conducting of performance appraisals and supporting staff development, dealing with matters of discipline and managing attendance at work.
Developing and implementing written policies and procedures to be performed and ensure that adequate numbers of qualified and trained staff are employed and Organisation recruitment procedures are strictly followed.
Preparing and executing agreements with volunteers as negotiated with the Board of Trustees or Management.
Advising Management on training policy and •available training opportunities.
Carrying out annual personnel exercise of confirmations, promotions and discipline.
Ensuring implementation of staff regulations, all personnel systems and administrative policies in the hospital.
Keeping employees updated on changes in human resource policies introduced by Management.
Supporting, guiding and advising heads of units/ section/department regarding human resources, budgeting and'administration of staff affairs.
Advising the Management on administrative and personnel matters.
Implementing staff development needs assessment procedures and recommending capacity development measures for employees.
Managing an approved skills development strategy for all levels of hospital departments in consideration of current and future needs.
Assisting in development and administration of a career development program for high potential employees, working with other line and staff officers in identifying high potential employees.
Managing employees' benefits entitlement and welfare.
Advising on matters arising from performance the Management on labor laws and
Ensuring that standard procedures in relation to recruitment, grading, salaries, training and promotion are observed at all times.

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Experience
Holder of a degree in administration with a master's degree in Human Resource Management, Health Care Management, or equivalent from a reputable institution.
Minimum of five (5) years of in a similar position.
Knowledge of personnel and business administration in a hospital setting |
Adequate knowledge of the labor law of Tanzania
Experience in working in a multi-culture team
Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing
Good planning and organizational skills
Self-driven, highly motivated and proactive
Ability to motivate and encourage others
High level of professionalism and self confidence
Flexible approach to working with others
Energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the role
Commitment to integrity and demonstrated impeccable character.

2. POSITION: CHIEF FINANCE OFFICER Report to: Hospital Director
Job purpose
This position is responsible for ensuring that The Hospital operates at the leading edge of operational efficiency and service quality whilst supporting the Director to deliver strategic Hospital priorities.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Oversee the timely and accurate completion of monthly, quarterly and annual reporting in accordance with National and International standards and prepare detailed analysis and explanations of variances. Ensure compliance with all regulatory and financial requirements 
  • Provide leadership development and model transparency, accountability, responsibility and reliability. Proactively manage the finance function, including timely.completion and follow up of all reconciliations  
  • Oversee and provide guidance to the Hospitals finance, accounts, Grants management and coordination.
  • Ensure systems and processes are functioning effectively and adequate, effective internal controls are implemented to minimize and detect fraudulent activity. Respond and implement Internal Audit and External Audit recommendations promptly 
  • Ensure that proper internal control procedures are in place and the Finance Manual is carefully adhered to at the organization level.
  • Provide timely advice to the Board on financial, solvency, investment and compliance matters. 
  • Support the Director on strategy and play a fundamental role in the development of strategic choices.
  • Actively manage credit control function and jointly responsible with the Hospitals Director for achieving credit control targets 
  • Perform financial controlling for the Organization and supervise financial / accounting policies and operation procedures.
  • Prepare financial reports, budgetary control report, tax returns and interim reports required by management for appropriate decision making. 
  • To prepare annual institutional budget for the Hospital, and evaluate monthly updates.
  • Ensure implementation of internal and external audit recommendations.
  • Maintain proper accounting system, and to ensure timely and accurate implementation of computerized system in all Hospital financial areas.
  • Oversee completion of analysis to identify optimal areas for income generation and costing of services.
  • Oversee all payroll functions to ensure that employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Review monthly and Annual Payroll reconciliations & PAYE, WCF, Social Security Contributions and other statutory deductions Payment Summaries. 
  • Facilitate the auditing of Hospital books of accounts by both the internal and external auditors.
  • Protect Hospital assets through internal control and by securing proper insurance coverage. 
  • Oversee the management of all leases, contracts and other financial commitments

Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • Holder of a Bachelor or post-graduate degree in Finance / Accountancy / Commerce or its equivalent qualification. Also must possess one of the professional qualifications such as CPA (T) or ACCA.
  • Minimum of five (5) years working experience in the same position in a Reputable organization, rience with NGO will be an added ntage. Knowledge and experience in managing Hospital finances is a must. 
  • Experience of budget preparation and Management
  • Sound computer knowledge, spread sheet, world processing and computerized accounting systems, especially SAP package.
  • Strong financial expertise and Familiarity with Management and Administration 
  • Ability to woric independently with no or minimum suspension
  • Commitment to integrity and proven impeccable personal character 
  • Team player

Interested candidates should send their CV with a covering letter explaining why they are suitable for the post. All applications should be emailed electronically to Kazi Services Limited (KSL) through KSL email: recruitment@kaziltd.co.tz  by 5pm GMT on Thursday 14 October 2016. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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