MINISTRY OF EDUCATION: Repeat a class in secondary schools

All requests for class repetitions of form 4 and 6 students should be channeled to the Commissioner for Education, Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocation for approval whereas class repetition requests of form 1 – 3 and 5 should be channeled to the Regional Education Officer (REO) of the region in which a student was studying. 

The following conditions are required to be fulfilled for approval:

  1. A request letter of Student’s class repetition from the parent/ guardian/student.
  2. Supporting letter from the head of school of the previous school.
  3. Evidences to support the request. E.g, a letter from the medical doctor describing the condition of the student.
  4. Form 2 examination results only if the student is requesting to repeat form 4.
  5. Student’s Academic Records from the previous school authority.
  6. Three passport size student’s photographs.
Source: Ministry Of Education Officia Website.

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