28 Vacancies at Data Sky College. Apply before 25 August 2016

Application Deadline: Aug 25, 2016

Position Description:

We as Data sky fraternity; it’s a registered college under veta registration, as well as we are on final stages for NACTE registration. We offer many courses such as:

o Certificate in Basic and Advance computer technician

o Certificate in Information computer Technology

o Certificate in Business Management Administration

o Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality industry

o Certificate in full secretarial stage i, ii & iii.

o Certificate store keeping and controls stage I, ii, & iii

o Certificate Air Fare & Ticketing those are a few mentions.

We are seeking innovative and qualified College teachers to join Data sky College Arusha, who should be a hard working and enthusiastic in performing his/ her duties in teaching with excellent subject knowledge.

The position will involve teaching students and also assisting in encouragement of extra- curricular activities.

The applicant will be a motivated individual with a keen interest in encouraging and inspiring students to love learning excel in the subject area taught. The posts are as follows:

Receptionist - 1 post

Accountant - 1 post

Human Resource officer - 1 post

Air fare, ticketing and Reservation (Teacher) 2 post

Sales and marketing, customer relation management (Teacher) 4 posts

Business management Administration and entrepreneur skills(Teacher) 3 posts

Secretarial teacher 6 posts

Hospitality and tourism industry (catering and decoration) 4 posts

Information technology teachers 2 posts

Tour Guide Tutor 2 posts

Language teachers (English and French) - 2 posts

The mentioned posts above the applicant must reach the following requirements.

o Well-organized, able to carry out multiple tasks and work under minimal supervision.

o Excellent organizational, planning and leadership skills, exemplary written and verbal communication skills and an aptitude for languages, with proficiency in English. Capacity to adapt to - and work in a multi-cultural setup with ease.

o An excellent team player committed to using my skills to work with others to improve the working environment.

o A personal desire to improve on existing skills as well as acquire new ones.

o Professionalism, Integrity & Maturity

o Attention to detail been instructed to either him or her

o Teamwork & Dedication Flexibility & Adaptability i.e. open minded.

o At least 1 years’ experience, Well versed and competent in all curriculum areas

o Mature and pleasant personality. Who has attained either diploma or degree in the related mentioned posts.

Application Instructions:

The applicant should sent his/her resume which is not less than 3 sheets with cover letter to the email address dataskycollege@yahoo.com before 25/08/2016. Don’t attach the copies of your certificates at this stage.
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