13 Employment Opportunities at Hindu Mandal Hospital

Applications are invited from suitable qualified and experienced candidates for the following vacant posts which are required to be filled immediately:

1. Nursing officers  

2. ICU/Critical Care Nurses  

3. Night Shift Supervisor  

4. Specialist/Consultant Radiologist  

5. Specialist/Consultant Anesthetist  

6. Biomedical Engineer  

7. Legal Officer  

8. Laboratory Manager  

9. Laboratory Technician  

10. Physiotherapist  

11. Optometrist 

 12. Ophthalmic Nurse  

13. Mortuary Attendants


Eligible candidates should apply in writing to the undersigned before the end of the second week after the first advertisement, attaching certified copies of qualification certificates and curriculum vitae including three Referees. Only successful shortlisted candidate will be contacted,

The Chief Executive Officer, Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital P.O. Box 581, Dares salaam.

Email: jobapplication@hindumandal.org  Tel: 2114991-4

Mwananchi 4 August 2016
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Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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