The Guardian 4 July 2016

Job Ref No: 111000
Job Title: Legal officer
Post(s): 2
Report To: Manager Regulatory Affairs
Closing Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2016 (16:30)

To Handle all Legal Matters including legal opinion, contracts, litigation, outsourced legal service as well as regulatory issues.

Key Responsibilities:

1. To provide appropriate and timely legal advice to authorities and officers of the Company 2. To present the Company in proceedings in courts of law, tribunals, arbitrations, etc
3. To follow up legal matters handled externally, this includes follow up of cases outsourced in courts and with advocates
4. To undertake drafting of legislative proposals pertaining to the company’s activities
5. To undertake reviews of legislation relating to the Company’s activities and make recommendation on amendments
6. To prepare and or give legal opinion on contracts pertaining to companies’ activities, projects etc
7. To make a follow up on the compliance of terms of contracts during the implementation of contracts
8. To perform any other duty related with legal and regulatory affairs as may be assigned by controlling officer.

Key Qualifications / Experience / Skills:

Advanced Diploma/Bachelor degree in law or equivalent. Enrolment as an advocate of the High Court of Tanzania or must have completed a Law School Programme.
At least 2 years experience in the legal field.
Excellent negotiation and drafting skills.
Excellent communication and presentation skills.
Computer literacy, Strong negotiation skills and ability to work in teams.
Excellent analytical skills and problem identification and solving.
Excellent interpersonal skills, communication and time management skills.
Ability to meet deadlines.


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