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Source The Guardian,23rd June 2016

The Tanzania - China Friendship Textile Co. Ltd

The Tanzania - China Friendship Textile Co. Ltd is a Joint Venture Company between the Government of Tanzania and China. The Company runs a number of factories from Spinning, Weaving to Processing (Printing) textiles and is one of the big textile Companies in the country. In order to meet its aspirations the Company needs to fill existing vacant positions.
The persons should be dynamic, dedicated, self-motivated to meet new challenges, young candidates are encouraged to apply.
The Company therefore, invites candidates with competent skills to fill the following vacancies.

E. Weaver - 44 POSTS - JN-2016/5
i. Reports to: Supervisor

ii. Direct Entry Qualifications
Secondary school certificate or Certificate in Textile Technology from any recognised Institution

iii. Key Duties and Responsibilities

In particular, s/he will be responsible for:
a) Operate the weaving machines
b) Find a broken end and tie a weaver's knot
c) Thread an end through droppers, heddles correctly
d) Understand simple warping and wafting plans
e) Correct threading of weft from the weft creel, through the accumulators and the correct weft finger
f) Find weft as necessary
f) Take out broken picks
g) Be able to take pieces off cloth rollers and batching systems
i) Ensure the correct downing of the loom at the end of a warp beam
j} Manage their own workload on the looms to maximise output and efficiency
k) Patrol looms looking for faults
I) Quality Work Checking


Qualified Candidates should send applications marked on top of the envelop the Job Number (IN) to the address below enclosing;
Curriculum Vitae with two referees
Copies of relevant certificates and awards
One passport size photograph attached to application letter.
The deadline for receiving applications is on the 8th July, 2016 at 1400hrs.
Only shortlisted Candidates will be contacted
Apply to: The General Manager,
Tanzania - China Friendship Textile Co. LTD,
P.O.BOX 20842,
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Avoid scams : NEVER pay to have your CV / Application pushed forward. Any job vacancy requesting payment for any reason is a SCAM.

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