30 Employment Opportunities - 30 June 2016

Open the links below to to read the instructions on how to apply;

1. Accountants Assistant

2. Assistant Serjeant-At-Arms (Re-Advertised)

3. Accountant (Re-Advertised)

4. Senior Research Officer (Re-Advertised)

5. Senior Legal Officer (Re-Advertised)

6. Personal Assistant to the Speaker (Re-Advertised)

7. Principal Legal Officer (Re-Advertised)

8. Principal Health Officer (Operational and Applied Research) (Re-Advertised)

9. Principal Health Officer (Clinical Research) (Re-Advertised)

10. Principal Environment & Natural Resources Officer (Re-Advertised)

11. Principal Civil Aviation Officer (Re-Advertised)

12. Principal Accountant (Re-Advertised)

13. Deputy Registrar, Monopolies and Cartels (Re-Advertised)

14. Deputy Registrar, Mergers and Acquisitions (Re-Advertised)

15. Registrar (Re-Advertised)
16. Career Guidance Coach at VSO Tanzania

17. 14 Job Posts at CWS Africa, Resettlement Support (RSC)
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