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Call for CVs: Various Technical Experts
Feed the Future Tanzania Land Tenure Assistance
DAI seeks technical experts for future short term and long term positions on the Feed the Future Tanzania Land Tenure Assistance activity based in Iringa. This four year project will assist 40+ villages in Iringa and other Districts to document land ownership, support land use planning efforts and increase local understanding of land use and land rights. To accomplish the project objectives, DAI will require technical experts in the following areas:

 Public Outreach and Communication: 

The project requires assistance to develop and deliver a broad range of creative communication, information and training materials, visual aids, and interactive community activities that will effectively raise the awareness and understanding of rural villagers about the importance of documented land ownership, and the participatory process used to establish and map individual and community land claims. Outreach and communications such as newsletters, radio and television, and public events will also be used for awareness and promotion at the District and national level.

 GIS, Mapping and Imagery: 

The project will require assistance with the development and management of GIS mapping and use of imagery to establish parcel, village and District level records. The project will use an innovative mobile app to obtain parcel coordinates and claimant attributes, and integrate this spatial and textual information into District land administration systems.

 Land Administration: 

The project will require assistance with village land use planning (VLUP) and community participatory processes for clarification and mapping of individual land rights leading to the issuance of Certificates of Customary Rights of Occupancy (CCRO). This includes technical assistance on developing and implementing innovative models for more efficient processes for land registration; developing and delivering education and training for rural communities on the land administration system in Tanzania; coordinating and training with village leaders and District land administrations; and working with communities in the field work of demarcation and adjudication.

Required Qualifications: 

 Minimum of 5 years of experience in the relevant area
 Experience working collaboratively with local communities, local governments, and NGOs/projects
 Availability to work in Iringa and participate in field trips to villages and rural communities as needed
 Minimum of bachelor’s degree in relevant field
 Good English language communication skills
Submit CVs to: by 15th June , 2016
Please include the technical area in the subject line



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