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The Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam an institution of The Aga Khan Development Network, is undergoing a major expansion to position the hospital to become a leading and integrated tertiary and teaching health care system in Tanzania. In addition to doubling the capacity at The Hospital, the expansion plans also include the establishment of 35 health clinics across Tanzania. The Aga Khan Hospital is also the teaching site for The Aga Khan University, which offers postgraduate medical education programs leading to Masters of Medicine in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Surgery. The Hospital is also an accredited internship site. Qualified candidates interested in being part of this exciting and development-oriented institution are being sought for the following positions:

• The Chief Operating Officer reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and as a member of the CEO's senior leadership team is responsible for integrating the overall strategic plan of the Aga Khan Hospital with the operations.
• Assumes overall responsibility for managing and leading the operations of The Aga Khan Hospital and its outreach health facilities (currently 13 facilities) across Tanzania and exercise management responsibility ensuring efficient services that are designed to meet the needs of patients, physicians, the public and staff.
• In consultation with the operations team presents and agrees with Senior Management operational targets as these relates to patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, programs and activities. Responsible for ensuring that agreed targets are achieved.
• Ensure compliance with stated policies and procedures and implements processes that focus on enhancing quality of care, patient safety and patient satisfaction for consistent, ethical, and professional delivery of health care services.
• Works closely with the Associate Dean for Medical Education (Aga Khan University) to provide an enabling environment for the post graduate medical education programs being delivered at The Aga Khan Hospital and its facilities. Supports a learning organization culture.
• Maintain positive collaborations with key stakeholders that include Government, healthcare communities, NGOs, media, donors and funding partners ..
• Be a key member of the team that is overseeing the significant expansion of The Aga Khan Hospital and its health facilities across Tanzania. Visit upcountry medical centres and provide strategic guidance in providing quality health care services.
• Uphold social, ethical and organizational norms of The Aga Khan Hospital Ensure full compliance with all government regulations as these relate to the delivery and education of health services.
Academic Qualifications and Other Requirements:
• Master's degree in Health Administration from a recognized institution.
• A degree in a recognized clinical specialty will be an added advantage.
• 1 years of executive-Ievel experience in Health (are Administration in a Hospital or International Health Organization environment.
• Extensive knowledge of cutting edge patient care and management principles including patient safety and satisfaction focusing on patient centered care processes and standards. A good understanding of Joint Commission
• International's Accreditation on Patient Safety Standards is a key requirement.
• Excellent understanding of Financial, human resource and facility management as it relates to delivery of health care services.
• Excellent problem solving skills, effective" interpersonal communication, cultural sensitivities, excellent written and verbal communication, with strong analytical, organisational, coaching and mentoring skills.,
• Excellent leadership skills with demonstrated ability to effectively lead in a changing environment.
SOURCE: Daily News 12 May, 2016 

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