Tender at The Bank of Tanzania

TREASURY BILLS AUCTION ___________________________________ NUMBER 952 INVITATION TO TENDER ON 20th APRIL 2016___________________________________________________
The Bank of Tanzania on behalf of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania invites applications through Central Depository Participants (CDPs) to tender for Treasury Bills of which terms and conditions are as follows:

1.       Issuer
2.       Maturities/Amount
United Republic of Tanzania
Competitive Non-Competitive
35 days up to TZS 1,000 Million 100 Million 91 days up to TZS. 7,000 Million 200 Million 182 days up to TZS 50,000 Million 700 Million 364 days up to TZS 75,000 Million 1,000 Million
3. Auction date
Wednesday 20th April 2016
4. Procedure for bidding
Bids will be submitted online through Central Depository Participants (CDPs)

and the process will be closed at 11.00 a.m on the auction date
5. Price per TZS 100
To be quoted at a discount to four (4) decimal places.
6. Minimum bid size
TZS 500,000 in multiples of TZS 10,000
7. Auction results
Auction results shall be made available on the Bank’s Website and at Central Depository Participants’ offices immediately after the auction.
8. Settlement date
Thursday 21st April 2016 (T+2)
9. Form of issuance
Book entry system.
10. Redemption date
Redemption dates 35 - Day 26th May 2016 91 - Day 21st July 2016 182 - Day 20th October 2016 364 - Day 20th April 2017
11. Tax
Interest income is subject to 10% withholding tax
12. Currency
Tanzania Shillings (TZS)
13. Defaulters
Successful bidders who fail to honor their obligations on time will be disqualified from participating in the subsequent auctions for a minimum period of one (1) month
The Bank of Tanzania reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications
For further details please contact Domestic Markets Department, Bank of Tanzania, 2 Mirambo Street, P.O. Box 2939, 11884 Dar es Salaam (Tel: 2233529-30; Fax :2234049) and www.bot.go.tz



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