Teachers at Heritage Secondary School

Job title: Chemistry I Biology Teacher
Reports to: Head of School
Kibaha - Coast Region

1. Co-ordinate and deliver best practice instructional strategies in line with the school expectations.
2. Organize and coordinate activities related to Chemistry and Biology disciplines teaching and training at school.
3. Implement a balance approach to daily lesson planning that promotes critical thinking problem solving and deep conceptual understanding of concepts and ability to act skillfully.
4. Make the learners to use scientific procedures and practical skills in studying Chemistry and Biology.
5. Enable the learners to apply the scientific procedures to apply the scientific procedures to carry out investigations in Chemistry and Biology.

I. The applicants must be Bachelor’s Degree holders in science majoring in Chemistry
2. Must be very well conversant and competent in setting, conducting and administration of science practical in both Chemistry and Biology
3. Must have an experience of training and facilitation in Chemistry and Biology disciplines for at least 3 years backed up by the certificates of attendance and commendation or Biology in A-level.

I. Competitive salary package will be provided.
2. Full accommodation.
3. Two years contract.


Heritage Secondary School
P.O.BOX 30484,
Kibaha - Coast Region
All applications should be directed to the Headmaster Heritage Secondary school


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