Important Announcement From Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU)

Tanzania Commission for Universities
Invitation for Prospective Applicants to Apply for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Examination as a pre­requisite to join degree programmes into Higher Education Institutions for Academic Year 2016/2017.
1.     Overview

The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) hereby informs prospective applicants who qualify to sit for the RPL examination to apply through the Central Admission System (CAS) starting from 12th April 2016 to 30th June 2015.

2.     Eligibility

Candidates who are eligible to apply and sit for RPL examination must meet the following criteria:
a)    Must have at least 25 years of age;
b)   Must have completed at least standard seven education and attended some extramural or professional development courses in the field intended to apply for;
c)    Must have a working experience in the field the applicant intends to apply;
d)   Must have the intention to pursue university education at degree level.
e)    Must be competent in written and spoken English.

3. Requirements

Applicants for RPL examination must produce the following evidence for evaluation before registration to the examination:
a)      Birth certificate/passport/voters ID/ National ID or Driver's License;
b)     Resume/Curriculum Vitae;
c)    Certificates of achievement or participation in extramural or professional development obtained prior to applying for RPL;
d)   Copies of Academic Certificates obtained in formal studies previously undertaken;
e)      A passport size photo;
f)       Other optional evidences as may be applicable:-

i.            Performance appraisals/review by the employer, for those employed;
ii.          Job/Position Description for those employed;
iii.        Evidence of any community work;
iv.        Community/office/industry awards;
v.          Completed work products;
vi.        Magazine/newspaper articles about work;
vii.         Outlines of courses which you have undertaken;
viii.         Supervisor reports.

NOTE: Candidates who meet the minimum requirements shall be given an examination card attached with candidate's photo and be required to appear for the examination at an approved examination centre as announced by the Commission.

4.      Registration, examination and application fee

Applicants shall pay the total amount of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Tanzanian Shillings (Tshs. 150,000/-) for registration, examination and application as follows:-

i) The Fifty Thousand Tanzanian shillings (TSh. 50, 000/-) shall be paid through TCU Central Admission System to cover registration,

administration as well as application costs to CAS for those who will be successful;
ii) The other One Hundred Thousand Tanzanian Shillings (TSh.100, 000/-) shall be paid directly to the RPL centers to cover the RPL examination costs.

5.     RPL Examination Centers
RPL Exam Centre
1 University of Dodoma (UDOM) > Education
2 Tumaini University Makumira Dar es Salaam College (TUMADARCo).>> Journalism and Mass Communication
3 Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA)>> Agriculture General, Horticulture, Agribusiness, Human Nutrition, Forestry, Veterinary Medicine and Wildlife
4 Mzumbe University (MU)>> Management and Administration, Accounting, Law and ICT related disciplines.
5 Tumaini University Makumira >> Music, Divinity/Theology

6.     Examination Date
The RPL examination date will be announced in due course. All candidates will be required to visit TCU offices or log into and RPL centers' websites with respect to examination timetable and other instructions.

7.     Step by step application for RPL

A: Payment of application fee
1.    RPL applicants MUST pay the application fee of 50,000/= payable through TCU Bank A/C No. 01J1026795702 CRDB Bank.

2.    After paying application fee, applicants are required to scan and send the copy of a Bank payment slip to TCU through email
Those applicants who are in Dar es Salaam may bring the pay-in slip by hand to TCU premises.

NB: Applicants MUST ensure that the payment bank slips contain all the necessary identification details which will facilitate the communication between the two parties. These are proper name of the applicant, valid email address and mobile numbers.

3.    TCU having received the payment bank slip and upon payment verification will send an RPL payment ID Number through the email/mobile indicated which the applicant will use to access the system during registration.

B: Online Registration

1.    Open the TCU website

2.    Click CAS link at the top menu of the TCU website to open the Central Admission System.

3.    For self-registration of a new applicant Click RPL applicants registration link.

4.    Fill self-registration form to register and click Submit button to create your account.

5.    After creating the account, successful registration message will be displayed. Click on the continue button to complete registration.

6.    Click Additional Details link on the Registration Module, fill in your personal particulars and click submit button.

7.    Click Upload Attachments link and then click the respective Browse button to attach your personal attachments. Click Upload Attachments button to submit the uploaded files.

8.    After completing registration MUST send the required documents (as mentioned in No. 3 above) through POSTAL ADDRESS/EMS/DHL using the following address;

Executive Secretary 
Tanzania Commission for Universities 
P.O. Box 6562 Dar es Salaam

NB: 1. Those applicants who are in Dar es Salaam may bring the documents by hand to TCU premises available at Mlimani Tower, Sam Nujoma Road, opposite Mlimani City 2. Applicants MUST indicate their RPL Number (given by the system) and the discipline they have applied for on top of the envelope

1.    To add/edit your registration particulars click on Add/Edit information link to update your profile.
2.    You can print or save your profile in PDF format for future reference

For more details on how to apply please click here

Issued by:
The Executive Secretary

12th April, 2016


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