Career Opportunities at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College is a constituent College of Tumaini University Makumira. The college is based at Moshi and owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. The college trains health professionals for various university awards in clinical and health sciences. It currently wishes to recruit competent and committed candidates to the post of Insectary & Animal House Facility Supervisor (1 post) and Laboratory Technician (2 positions) to work under the PAMVERC research programme in Moshi.
Information about PAMVERC PROGRAMME
PAMVERC is a collaboration between the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) and the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo) in Tanzania. These three institutions collaborate as the Pan-African Malaria Vector Research Consortium (, a research alliance which develops and evaluates new malaria vector control tools. PAMVERC has trial sites in Moshi (Kilimanjaro region), Muheza (Tanga region), Muleba (Kagera region), as well as Benin and Cote d’Ivoire (West Africa). 

1.  Insectary & Animal House Facility supervisor (1post)

Answerable to: Test Facility Manager, Study Director, Project Manager(s)
Responsible for: Insectary Technicians, Animal House Attendant 

Job description/duties:

1. Working with the current insectary and animal house teams to establish shared responsibility for routine activities, implement SOPs and supervise schedules
2. Training new team members and providing guidance in rearing techniques for all mosquito colonies and the guinea pig colony 
3. Working closely with the Insecticide Testing Facility Supervisor to provide mosquitoes for assays and bioassays to schedule
4. Closely supervising rearing of mosquitoes to ensure maximum productivity and quality of test systems, including artificial selection programmes to maintain insecticide resistance
5. Rearing mosquitoes as required when technician staff are shorthanded
6. Managing stock and raising imprests for purchases for both the insectary and animal house to ensure consumables are always in supply in the preparation rooms
7. Checking and signing staff checklists, environmental record sheets, health and safety and lab equipment maintenance records
8. Prepare weekend and holiday schedules for technical staff and ensure they complete time sheets
9. Supervise any construction activities in or near the insectary and animal house
10. Contributing to high-level research programs
11. Assist with the design of experimental systems and suggesting improvements to current practices

12. Other related duties as assigned by the PAMVERC IVCC Study Director or Project Manager(s)
13. Fulfilling supplementary duties as Health & Safety Officer

Qualifications and Experience:

1. Bsc or Msc in any of the following fields: Entomology, Animal science, Veterinary Science, Wildlife, Zoology.
2. Several years of experience in working with small animals, insects or in a research laboratory is important
3. Experience of Good Laboratory Practice would be an added advantage
4. Experience of Health and Safety procedures and implementation would be useful

2. Laboratory Technician (2 positions)

Answerable to: Test Facility Manager, Study Director, Project Manager(s), Facility Supervisor

Job description/duties:

There are 2 positions available; one or both would be based in the insectary and one potentially in the Insecticde Testing Facility (ITF). Both based in Moshi at the PAMVERC facilities

1. Working with the current insectary team to rear mosquitoes at a maximum productivity and quality necessary for testing in the ITF experimental facility.
2. Monitoring environmental conditions within the facilities and ensuring conditions for rearing and testing are met
3. Following all Standard Operating Procedures of the facility
4. Running artificial selection programmes to maintain insecticide resistance
5. Ensuring facility premises are well maintained, clean and contamination-free to the highest standards (daily cleaning of insectary materials, floors, equipment and furniture)
6. Checking stock to ensure consumables are always in supply in the facility preparation rooms and assisting the supervisor in inventory of equipment and consumables
7. To immediately report any changes in production or quality of mosquitoes in the insectary to the supervisor.
8. (ITF only) To conduct bioassays of insecticide treated nets or IRS including but not limited to; cone test, cylinder test, susceptibility test, tunnel test, IRS simulator tests, larval bioassays. 
9. To accurately and neatly record all results when requested.
10. To report any damage to equipment immediately to supervisor.
11. Other related duties as assigned by the PAMVERC IVCC Study Director or Project Manager(s)

Qualification and Experience:

1. Diploma in Health or Veterinary Laboratory science
2. Experience in health and safety and good practice in scientific laboratories
3. Experience of working in a molecular laboratory would be an added advantage

Salary scale:
Salary for the posts will be according to PGSS scales.
Application Instructions: 
Applicants will initially be evaluated based on documentation submitted with the application letter, then high ranked applicants will be contacted for interview. Therefore, it is essential that applicants submit proof of the required qualifications stated above including a detailed CV with contacts, three referees and copies of academic certificates.
Applications should be received by 22nd April 2016, by E-mail ( post mail to the following address:

For attention of: 

Test Facility Manager/Study Director
KCMU College
P O Box 2240


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