20 Employment Posts at NMB Bank - Tanzania

NMB is a Tanzanian bank, reaching out to dose to 2 million customers through some 175 branches (of which 60% are in rural areas), with close to 600 ATM's (almost 40% of all ATM's In Tanzania) and a variety of alternative distribution channels and Mobile and other electronic payment products, making NMB the leading bank in Tanzania.
We are currently seeking experienced professionals to join the COO's office with various responsibilities of leading and executing.
Key Roles
1. Senior Change Administrator
Responsible for management of changes in IT environment (applications, infrastructure)
2. Senior Specialist Product Lifecycle Configuration Management (PLCM) - 2
Responsible for managinq products throughout its life cycle from the Core Banking System(C85) perspective by analyzing and simulating all system change requested and ensure a clear user acceptance test is being signed off & assisting in deployment of process automation by continuously proposing ways to reduce manual performed functions/ interventions in the CBS.
3.    Senior Manager Data Center Infrastructure
Responsible for data centers (Disaster recover & production) infrastructure (Mechanical & Electrical), Computing (enterprise servers) and storage management.
4.    Manager Data Center Facilities

Responsible for data centers facilities services management (power, Mechanical, HVAC, fire prevention/suppression systems, etc.)
5. Manager - Servers Infrastructure
Responsible for computing (enterprise servers) and storage hardware, OS and core enterprise applications
6. Senior Systems Engineer /Administrator
Responsible for Enterprise storage (SAN) infrastructure, backup and recovery software, enterprise, VMs, and other supporting infrastructure for the systems hosted at the centralized and Disaster recovery data centers.
7. Senior Database Engineer /Administrator
Responsible for advanced database administration and support (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL).
8. Senior Middleware Systems Engineer /Administrator
Responsible for advanced middleware systems administration and support (Weblogic, ESB, WebSphere, JBffij, etc.).
9. Senior Network Engineer/Administrator
Responsible for administration of core network infrastructure, WAN, LAN and services (Data, Voice,
10. Senior Core Banking Applications Engineer /Administrator
Responsible for level two support services of core banking applications e.g. payments, Flexcube, SWIFT,
11. Senior Enterprise Applications Engineer I /Administrator
Responsible^or level two support services of enterprise applications e.g. AD, Exchange, messaging, SCCM,
12. Senior Manager - IT Security
Responsible for ICT security and ICT controls needed to mitigate ICT risk.
13. Senior Network Security Engineer/Specialist
Responsible for network security and network security controls
14. Senior systems Security engineer /Specialist
Responsible for systems (applications, database, etc) security and systems security controls
15. Appllcations/Software Engineer/Developer
Responsible for development of business solutions, applications, integrations, interfaces development, etc.
16. Senior Manager Technology Strategy & Architecture
Responsible to develop and oversee the implementation of technology strategy, enterprise technology architecture, etc.
17. Head of Technology Governance & Controls
Responsible for ICT controls monitoring, configurations monitoring, ICT Budget tracking, vendor management, ICT Asset control and Licensing, etc.
18. Manager Records and Information Management (RIM)
Responsible for management of Information and record lifecycle processes (i.e. creation, use, maintenance, retention and disposition)
19. Head of Corporate Support
Responsible for management of Facilities, properties, premises, corporate security and general corporate services delivery.

SOURCE: The Citizen, 25 April 2016
IT Specialist at Abt Associates


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