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Higher Education is one of the key elements of growth and social development in Africa. As part of its commitment to promote capacity-building at high level across the continent, the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research on behalf of the Government of Mauritius, is awarding scholarships to deserving students who are resident citizens of Tanzania.
  • Candidates should be between 18 years and 25 years of age by the closing date, and must have applied for full-time on-campus undergraduate studies at any public Tertiary Education Institution in Mauritius for academic year starting in 2016. The duration of the award will be up to four (4) years.
  • The Scholarship will support successful candidates in meeting tuition fees and contribute to their living expenses during their studies in Mauritius. Furthermore, the airfare from and back to the Tanzania will be covered. The detailed Guidelines for applications for the Scholarship can be obtained from the Ministry’s website:
  • An application under this scheme is to be made through the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training (MEST)for the processing of scholarships in the country of citizenship of the applicant.
  • All applicant must follow the deadline advertises by Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training (MEST) which is  24 March 2016
  • The following documents are available for download from the Ministry’s website.
i). This Call for Application
ii). Guidelines for Applicants
  • The document contains important information concerning the conditions of the scholarship, the application procedure, and a list of public Tertiary Education Institutions in Mauritius to which the applicants must have applied for full-time on-campus undergraduate studies. These should be made freely available to all prospective applicants.
iii). Application Form·       
  • The application form constitutes the only method of application. Section FIVE (Endorsement by Nominating Agency) of the application form should be duly completed by the Nominating Agency (MEST).



1. Eligibility Criteria 
1.1 Nationality
Candidates must be resident citizens of United Republic of Tanzania.
1.2 Age Limit
Candidates should not be more than 25 years of age at the closing date of application.
1.3 Qualification entry requirements
  1.3.1 Candidates should have successfully completed advanced  secondary  education  passed at division one or two or equivalent  First class in diploma
1.4 Other condition
  1.4.1 Candidates who are already holders of an undergraduate degree will NOT be eligible under this Scheme.
  1.4.2 Self-financing candidates already studying in Mauritius in an undergraduate programme before July 2016 will NOT be eligible for such a Scholarship.
1.5 Scholarships shall NOT be awarded for: 

  • Top-up degree programmes;
  • Foundation programmes;
  • Part-time courses;
  • Distance Education programmes;
  • Mixed modes (distance and on-campus learning);
  • Provisional & non-accredited courses; or
  • Postgraduate programmes.
2. Application Procedure
2.1 The Application Form
The application form can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website:
2.2 Application to the Tertiary Education Institutions
2.2.1 All candidates must, along with their application for Scholarships, also have applied for a full-time on-campus undergraduate programme at a public TEI of their choice listed under Section 8. This application must be made as early as possible once the TEI has opened its respective application windows on their websites.
Two alternatives are possible:
(a)  The applicant can obtain a Conditional Offer (Letter of Admission) from their chosen Mauritian public TEI and submit this along with the scholarship application and other required documents to The Ministry of Education science ,Technology and vocational Training
(b)  The applicant submits the scholarship application to MEST with an Acknowledgement Notice from a Mauritian public TEI that the application for a place has been made.
2.2.3 ALL candidates, irrespective of whether having opted for (a) or (b) above, must submit the fully completed Application Form and certified copies of the following documents as part of their application to MEST
(i) Birth Certificate;
(ii) Educational certificates and transcripts at secondary school level, or above;
(iii) Medical certificate to be filled and stamped by a registered medical practitioner in SECTION SIX of the Application Form;
(iv) Conditional offer if available at time of application or acknowledgement notice of application submission by a public Mauritian TEI;
(v) Copy of passport biodata page, if available.
1)  Non-submission of the documents as mentioned above, and incorrect or incomplete filling of the application form will result in the disqualification of the candidate    at MEST level
2) The Declaration in SECTION FOUR of the Application Form must be signed by the applicant.
3) Academic certificates and transcripts, if not in French or in English, must be submitted along with a certified translation in one of these two languages.
4) Candidates should indicate the title of up to three (3) courses, along with their course codes to which they have been admitted or have submitted an application for enrolment in SECTION THREE of the Application Form.
5) All applications should unconditionally be made through the Nominating Agency of the country of citizenship of the applicant, along with the necessary supporting documents. MEST
2.3 Application Enquiries
Applicants are advised to contact the MEST to obtain details on the application procedure to be followed when submitting applications.
3. Short listing by the Nominating Agency and Evaluation Process
3.1 Applications for the Scholarship are to be made to Nominating Agencies in the applicant’s country of origin and NOT to be sent directly to Mauritius. Nominating Agencies, which are typically part of Ministries of Education, will select and nominate up to five (5) candidates. The Ministry of Education or Nominating Agency of the country of citizenship of the candidates will subsequently transmit the application forms to Mauritius.
3.2 Candidates who do not have the endorsement of their Nominating Agencies will NOT be eligible for the Scholarship.
3.3 Candidates who have not been informed of their nomination within three (3) months of the application closing date should consider that they have not been selected.
3.4 Selection of candidates for the Scholarship will be made on the basis of merit.
3.5 The list of successful applicants will be communicated to the Nominating Agencies and a communiqué will be placed on the Mauritian Ministry of Education website once the selection process will have been completed. The Mauritian Ministry of Education will, after evaluation of nominated candidates, issue the formal offers of scholarships agreement to the successful candidates, with copy to their Nominating Agencies.
3.6 The final decision to award the Mauritius-Africa scholarships rests with the Mauritian Ministry of Education.



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