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Vacancy Announcement Number: 16/031


The US Mission in Dar es Salaam is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Travel Assistant at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


Under the general direction of the Deputy Executive Officer, incumbent is responsible for providing a full range of travel services for USAID/Tanzania, including developing, organizing, and managing Mission travel requirements through a travel agency; providing informed advise to Mission staff on USG travel rules and regulations covering all aspects of travel, including on-going changes that may affect staff travel; preparation and submission of Travel Authorization(s); coordination of required vehicles and scheduling pick-up and drop-off times; coordination for temporary accommodations for TDY visitors; and ensuring all travel related files contain up-to-date information.


A. Management & Coordination of Travel Requirements of USAID/Tanzania

The incumbent provides the full range of travel services to all employees of the USAID/Tanzania Mission. S/he is in charge of preparing all paper and electronic Travel Authorizations (TAs) for all official and entitlement trips for all types of employees, including US eligible family members traveling on official USG orders. S/he also performs travel services for official visitors and VIPs visit. In the case of the latter, the incumbent plays an integral role in the preparation of the VIP visits including all associated travel services needed.
The incumbent maintains an electronic and hardcopy filing system for all travel authorizations, and ensures proper maintenance, filing and storage for travelers’ in accordance with the Automated Directive System (ADS). S/he is responsible for issuance of blanket travel authorizations that cover local travel within Tanzania. S/he also maintains current Evacuation Travel Authorizations for US Staff and their eligible family members, and prepares evacuation packets. The incumbent ensures that all necessary travel documents are filed and maintained in the vital records system of the Mission.
The incumbent is the primary point of contact on all official travel related questions. S/he advises employees on the Agency’s policies and regulations for official and entitlement travel. The incumbent is also responsible for advising US staff on shipping allowances for entitlement travel as per the USG regulations. S/he researches all travel questions and solves the majority of travel problems independently. S/he provides creative solutions to travel concerns while enforcing travel policies.
The incumbent provides oversight calculations of all funded travel made by others to ensure accuracy and adherence to regulations. On the monthly basis, the incumbent reconciles credit card bills received, provides support funding documentation and recommends authorization of payment. Credit card bills may include airfare charges, Travel Management Center fees, and Health & Accident Coverage Insurance (HAC) costs provided to employees on official travel.
The incumbent makes necessary hotel reservations for official USAID/Tanzania visitors and TDYers as appropriate. S/he is the travel point of contact for USAID/Tanzania sponsored conferences. The incumbent maintains and updates USAID/Tanzania’s visitors list and issues associated reports as needed on visitors and TDYers. S/he serves as the point of contact for the automated Electronic Country Clearance (ECC) system, and assists users and control officers in submitting and approving ECC requests.
During trips attended by multiple parties, s/he ensures maximum efficiency in the use of government resources, consolidating requirements and coordinating with the Mission motorpool to determine vehicle requirements that adequately support the trip. S/he ensures travelers use resources allocated thereby preserving USG assets and funds.
The incumbent maintains and updates the travel section of the USAID/Tanzania intranet. S/he uploads and keeps up-to-date all necessary documentation related to official and entitlement travel. S/he also circulates all new and updated rules and regulations associated with official and entitlement travel. The Travel Assistant completes ad hoc reports, such as business class usage, hotel usage, and visitors.
In coordination with the Human Resources Section in the Executive Office, the incumbent ensures that traveling employees have obtained the necessary medical clearances to perform official travel. S/he ensures that traveling have their Health & Accident Coverage Insurance, and that accompanying members have also obtained necessary insurance to perform travel. S/he ensures travelers have completed ECC requests and have received approval before issuing tickets.
The incumbent liaises with State Department Travel Section on the preparation of the require documents for visa issuance for USAID/Tanzania employees for official travel; s/he obtains forms and prepares necessary documentation, contacts embassies for information, and follows-up to ensure visas are received in a timely manner.
In sum, the Travel Assistant has total responsibility to ensure that travel is arranged and funded in accordance with USG regulations and in a consistent manner, and that all documentation presented to staff authorizing travel is complete and defendable. Further, s/he ensures the travel is arranged in a manner that meets the requirements in the most efficient manner.
B. E2 Travel Solution Subject Matter Expert:

The incumbent is considered to be the Mission expert and advocate for utilization of E2 by all staff. As the Mission Travel Assistant, the incumbent is responsible for entering travel into E2 that will generate TAs in support of approximately 160 USAID employees.
As the subject matter expert on travel and the automated travel system E2, s/he arranges all travel and advises employees and administrative assistants on the preparation of correct travel vouchers.
S/he will serve as the Mission E2 trainer and is responsible for training all Administrative Assistants to become proficient E2 Arrangers, as well as training employees, travelers, and supervisors on how to initiate the TA process and informing them of their roles and responsibilities in the TA and E2 process. Additionally, the incumbent is responsible for scheduling training sessions for new staff as well as for staff requiring remedial training on the use of E2.
When required, or upon request, the incumbent will assist staff who are experiencing difficulty with initiating TA requests in E2. S/he will also serve as the Mission’s E2 trouble-shooter and will take the lead in resolving E2 issues locally, or with the Washington based experts. On occasion, the incumbent may be called upon to assist non-presence countries with E2 related issues and problems.
B. Liaison with Mission Travel Agent:

1. Directly responsible for the coordination and liaison with the appointed Mission Travel Agent for travel reservations and issuance of travel tickets. S/he will ensure that the Agency’s travel needs are satisfied by establishing a positive interactive working relationship with the Travel Agent and the US Department of State (DoS) Tanzania management staff. S/he will review all tickets prior to issuing them to the traveler, to ensure that the agency staff is fully aware of USG travel regulations with respect to the use of American flag carriers, USG contract fares, and special fares of international carriers existing for Tanzania. S/he will also ensure that reservations and fare quotations reflect the best routing and costs for the USG, and that alternative routings are being explored as appropriate.
The incumbent solely liaises with the Mission designated Travel Agency for all related travel services for USAID staff and their eligible family members, including requesting reservations and ticket issuance. S/he ensures all supporting documents sufficient to pass an audit are contained in the file, including authorizations for business class travel and cost construct calculations.

All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.

College or university degree in the field of Business/Public administration, tourism, travel, or other related field is required.

A minimum of three years of increasingly responsible duties in travel or a travel related field. At least one year of this experience with a USG or other international organization, is required.

Level IV (fluent) in English and Kiswahili (writing, reading and speaking) is required. (This will be tested)

Skills and Abilities:
Must have demonstrated ability to exercise sound judgment; originate creative solutions for a variety of concerns; handle requests and complaints with patience, diplomacy and tact. Must have demonstrated ability to work independently, be detail-oriented and accurate, and apply regulations consistently. Must have demonstrated ability to multi-task and prioritize many varied requests each having its own timeline and importance. Must have demonstrated strong computer skills in specialized software, including Windows, the Microsoft Office Suite (e.g., word processing, spreadsheet, database, and email programs). Must have strong professional-level interpersonal skills and be able to work effectively with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and cultures; must have demonstrated ability to explain procedures and regulations tactfully to Mission personnel. Must be worthy of trust and confidence, and be capable of reporting anomalies observed. Must be able to handle discretely, and to protect the confidentiality of information learned during the discourse of the job. Must have demonstrated ability to analyze existing systems and procedures and recommend improvements to enhance efficiency. Must have demonstrated ability to implement new regulations seamlessly and adapt to new systems of automation is required (This will be tested).

Job Knowledge:
Must have good understanding of travel and hotel operations in Tanzania. Must have general knowledge of travel systems software. Must be competent in making detailed travel arrangements, and capable of anticipating traveler needs. Must have ability become familiar with and remain current with US Government regulations, as well as USAID/Tanzania, and Embassy management policies is required.




Vacancy Announcement Number: 16/036

The US Mission in Dar es Salaam is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Information Resources Center Assistant in the Public Affairs Section.


Provides research, outreach, and collection development of wide scope. Researches Information Resources Center's (IRC) electronic and traditional resources to respond to complex inquiries for information from the target audience, PAS staff, and mission staff. Develops and maintains contacts with target audience members. Contributes to the outreach program and assists with collection development.



Under the direct supervision of the IRC Director, responds to inquiries for in-depth information primarily from target audience as well as from Mission staff. Conducts necessary research and consults with the IRC Director if assistance is needed. Finds answers to inquiries by using U.S. government, legal and legislative documentation or other appropriate resources. Responds to written requests after completing research. If query is outside the scope of the IRC’s capability, makes referrals to Reference section at the PD IRC in Washington. Serves as Acting IRC Director at appropriate times.


Provides articles to target audience members based on selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) profiles. Maintains contact with information professionals to keep abreast of Tanzania developments and advises them of IRC capability and services. Keeps abreast of emerging information technology, and new developments in reference services and information science. Assists IRC Director in outreach activities by contacting DRC members, distributing materials to DRS members, and preparing support material on assigned subject areas.


Helps in internal administration and operations by explaining IRC services to patrons, keeping a log of reference services, preparing reports on IRC usage, and is responsible for presentation and preparation of paper shows, book exhibits and the donated book program.


Selects or recommends selection of publications and CD ROMS for acquisition. Assist IRC Director in acquisitions work by keeping track of new arrivals, mailing lists of new arrivals to DRS members, and helping to prepare bibliographies.

All applicants must address each required qualification listed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item. Failure to do so may result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.

A University degree in library science or information science is required.
Two to four years of progressively responsible experience in the field of information research is required.
Level IV (Fluent) in English and Kiswahili (speaking, writing and reading) is required. (This will be tested)
Skills and Abilities:
Excellent service orientation to target audience, interpersonal, and cross cultural skills. Ability to carry out reference searches and respond rapidly to complex requests, often for breaking news; to work effectively with American and foreign national staffs; to independently plan, organize, and carry out assigned responsibilities using electronic based technologies, including internet, CD-ROM, and print resources; to maintain contact with target audience members; excellent written and oral communication skills. Ability to prioritize work schedule and incoming requests and Computer skills required.(This will be tested).

Job Knowledge:
Good knowledge of U.S. reference and resource materials in the subject areas emphasized in the Post’s Country Plan and Mission Program Plan and of current trends and developments in American and Tanzanian information science and technology. Knowledge of electronic retrieval and delivery tools, in particular the Internet and standard information science practices and procedures. Research inquiries require that the incumbent have an in depth knowledge of Tanzanian and U.S. foreign affairs policies, legislative and other domestic issues of relevance to Country Plan themes is required.




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