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Head of Programs

VSO Tanzania

Date Posted: Mar 16, 2016 
Application Deadline: Mar 20, 2016
Position Description:

Head of Programs - Tanzania – Secondment

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Secondment, 3 months

Full Time, 35 hours per week

About VSO

VSO is the world’s leading independent international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries. Our high-impact approach brings people together to share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding and action to change lives and make the world a fairer place.

Role overview

To provide leadership and management support to VSO Tanzania Programmes Team, leading on development and implementation of timely and quality delivery of projects.

Fundraising and Program Management

Manage transition and knowledge transfer between the outgoing HOP and the incoming Head Of Program when recruited.
Ensure that new business development opportunities are properly followed and responded to (USAID CRS, GIZ SOGA Zanzibar, DFID TREO, end of RED phase 2 and possible extension under TREO, Canada education and health, end of SDC project and potential next steps.
Review donor reports, ensure timing of donor reporting is respected,
Recruitment and Staffing

Manage recruitment of new Education program manager, ICS program manager and M&E manager.
Coach existing and newly recruited managers and ensure that they deliver at the right level of quality
Volunteer Support and Management

Ensure volunteer management is properly followed up by Working with all members of the VSO Tanzania Programme Team and other departments to support and maintain a culture of partnership between volunteers and the Country Office, particularly with respect to the participation and engagement of volunteers in programme planning, implementation and review.

Skills, qualifications and experience required

Candidate we are looking to have should have:


High level of academic achievement in a relevant subject area to social development
Substantial senior level programme leadership and management experience in a complex INGO
Team work – Excellent team building, team working, and relationship building skills; experience of working collaboratively as a member of a Country Office and a Senior Management Team member, and of building partnerships in a multi-cultural environment.
Planning and Time Management – Able to prioritise tasks, manage time and tight schedules, work effectively under pressure, and assist direct reports with prioritization of tasks and meeting deadlines.
Financial Management – Proven ability to develop and provide strategic monitoring to program budgets.
Representation and negotiation skills – ability to negotiate difficult deals and maintain relations with external stakeholders.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Computer skills – MS Office, Outlook, Internet.
Ability to travel and spend time away from base and home as required.

Work experience or good understanding of the Development and economic context.
Good understanding of the Tanzania development context;
The candidate will be based at VSO Tanzania office for 3 months with possibility of extension

Application Instructions:

To apply and to download the full job description click the link below

Programme Manager

VSO Tanzania

Date Posted: Mar 16, 2016 
Application Deadline: Mar 24, 2016
Position Description:

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania



Full Time, 35 hours per week

About VSO

VSO is the world’s leading independent international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries. Our high-impact approach brings people together to share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding and action to change lives and make the world a fairer place.

Role overview

The Programme Manager for Education will have the following responsibilities:

Programme Development and Delivery:analyze and understand the relevant development context and key stakeholders, shape program objectives, engage volunteers, partners and relevant stakeholders to inform and influence decision making.

Ensure that the program is structured in well defined sub-projects and that every volunteer is affected to specific projects

Develop program and specific project logical frameworks and related documents

Ensure cross cutting themes (gender/climate change/HIV and AIDS) are included as appropriate. Identify relevant development interventions (including advocacy at all levels) to deliver desired outcomes within the program plans.

Draft plans based on consultation and review, ensuring that resources (volunteers, employees and funding) are allocated appropriately.

Ensure appropriate program documentation is in place as per VSO guidelines.

Raise the profile of VSO Tanzania work by networking with a variety of stakeholders at national and local level and promoting the work of VSO.

Programme Funding:proactively identify funding opportunities, working with the Regional Funding Adviser and Country Director to develop concepts and proposals.

Write concept notes and proposals

Budgeting and Forecasting:Develop realistic project plans, work with finance manager to ensure that budgets compliance with donor requirements.

Together with the finance manager develop, maintain and regularly review financial plans to Deliver program objectives including full participation in the annual budget preparation process.

Monitoring and Evaluation:Lead the design and delivery of appropriate monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, determine the impact and ensure continuous development and learning takes place and that reporting is in line with VSO and donor requirements.

Partnership Development and Management:Assess, negotiate, maintain and review relevant partnerships. Build and support networks between key stakeholders (donors/other agencies/partners etc) to strengthen program impact.

Line Management:manage and motivate a high performing team of staffs and volunteers within the performance management framework, ensuring good customer service and continuous improvement. Provide leadership as a member of the country management team. Work with the support team to effectively delivery program goals.

Other Duties:deputise for the Head of Program or other colleagues as required.

Take leadership in emergencies as required, working closely with the Country Director and other team members. Fulfill other appropriate level responsibilities as defined by the Country Director from time to time.

Skills, qualifications and experience required

The ideal candidate will have the following attributes:


Excellent understanding of project cycle management tools to ensure effective planning, resourcing, implementation and review of programs and experience of organizational assessment, planning and review tools and processes.

Practical experience of applying development issues at a project or community level. Able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of development issues. Experience and knowledge of the relevant program area.

Proven experience of securing external funding and grants, including proposal and report writing. Evidence of understanding the challenges of donor and contract management and the implications for program management.

Leadership and people management skills, experience of developing, coaching and managing high performing teams

Experience of the financial management of budgets, including building a budget, monitoring and managingexpenditure. Previous experience of having compiled financial reports

Able to develop multiple ideas to solve an issue or situation and take a swift decision, including in a high risk situation.

Able to adapt to new and demanding situations, with experience of living and working in developing countries.

Competent Data usage:including speedy collation and analysis of complex and high volume data, using appropriate Information Technology packages where necessary.

Able to travel and work long hours, including work away from the home base for up to 30% of time, both within the country and occasionally internationally and some weekend and evening work.


Practical experience gained within a volunteering/NGO context and of managing a volunteer program.

Experience and knowledge of the country and region.
Confidence and experience in external representation.
Fluency in English languages.
Clean, valid driving license.
Application Instructions:

To apply and to download the full job description click the link below

Agronomist Specialist Volunteer

VSO Tanzania

Date Posted: Mar 16, 2016 
Application Deadline: Mar 20, 2016
Position Description:

VSO Tanzania

Agronomist Specialist Volunteer 

The specialist will work closely with the project team and the main goal of the role is to build the technical capabilities of social enterprise limited company in designing and leading good agricultural practices for organic coffee farming and build competitiveness of smallholder producers in specialty market of organic and fair trade. More specifically, the adviser will:

Liaise with extension workers and lead farmers to provide technical production advice of Fair-trade/Organic coffee farming.
Provide technical production advise on registration of smallholder coffee producers to specialty Markets and International Organic certifying organizations.
Provide technical production advice on value chain addition
Assist partner organization to coordinate and develop linkages and networks with organic coffee value chain actors.
Assist groups of farmers to get access to financial services
Assist coffee farmers to partcipate in non-coffee practices mainly crop and animal diversification as well as entrepreneureship skills
Skills, qualifications and experience required


Qualified graduate (degree or above) in Bsc Agriculture/ Agronomy/ Agri-Business or related subjects with at least 3 years experience in agricultural development ideally supporting producer groups/ associations
Experience in crop husbandry in the agricultural sector

Previous experience of working on similar project in developing countries, particularly East Africa
Experience in the handling sorting grading and storage of coffee produce Fair-trade, Organic and conventional Robusta (Coffee canephora) & Arabica Coffee (Coffee Arabica) varieties)
Application Instructions:

To apply and to download the full job description click the link below

Quality teaching facilitator

VSO-Bukoba-Kagera, Tanzania

Date Posted: Mar 16, 2016 
Application Deadline: Mar 20, 2016
Position Description:

VSO-Bukoba-Kagera, Tanzania

Bukoba Rural District Council (Tanzania)

About VSO

VSO is the world’s leading independent international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries. Our high-impact approach brings people together to share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding and action to change lives and make the world a fairer place.

Role overview

The Quality teaching facilitator will be supporting schools in promoting child rights and develop child right implementation strategies. This will be based on using children clubs and children councils.

The volunteer will be working with heads of the schools,school inspectors,ward education coordinator and 2 other professional volunteers.

In the team you will advice on the development of training courses. After assisting in the implementation you'll take up the role of mentor and coach for the participants.

Skills, qualifications and experience required

You have at least a bachelor degree in sociology/social works. You have at least 3 years of experience working in child right promotion. The candidate should have facilitation skills.

Applicants should be able to use motorcycle as means of transport

Job description


Employer:Bukoba District Council – Improving Childrens’ Learning and Participation Project (ICLP).

Duration:One Year. 

Job purpose

This job has been developed to support in 24 schools in Bukoba improvements in children’s:

•         Learning outcomes

•         Children Rights-Participation, protection and access to  quality education.

This overarching objective will  bedelivered by a team.  The teamwill focus on supporting change at child, teacher, school leadership and systemic levels.

 This job has been planned to improve child rights andDevelop and implement child protection and participation systems in schools and at homes.


Train  school committee members and  village leaders on their roles and responsibilities on maintain children rights ( with emphasis on access to quality education and protection) and
Train  school committee members and  village leaders so that they have the skills to;
-Ensure children’s voices are heard, concerns are raised and acted upon

-Support school safety and the development of a conducive learning environment

-Mobilising parents

-Holding schools to account

Work with competent  school committee Chairs, village leaders,  WECs and school heads to develop tools to monitor on:
-Children participation and protection.

-Use of corporal punishment.

-Children’s voices are heard, concerns are raised and acted upon, particularly in relation to child protection and child rights

-School safety and the development of a conducive learning environment.

Train  school committee chairs, VEOs and, heads the use of the tools above and how to provide quality feedback to the schools
Facilitate School heads, WECs and village leaders visit the schools and use the tools above.
Meet with Children club mentors meet to discuss challenges, lesson learnt and way forward emerging from their monitoring visits.
Meet and work with a school committee and 24 children to identify cultural practices with violets children’s rights and prepare strategies to address them..
Work with a representative group of duty bearers including a parent, teacher, Head, Ward Education Coordinator, District Officer, Social Service representative and children, to develop a simple, practical, child protection mechanism which enables, children to raise concerns and these to be acted on
Prepare activity and quarterly report.
Key Performance indicators

Contributed towards

Number of actions taken by community leaders in response to children issues.
Developed child rights monitoring tool.
Child right monitoring systems are in place
Child participation structures are in place
Meeting minutes from children clubs and councils are well filled.
Number of child meeting with WDCs.

Builds and sustains working relationships:
Is open minded and Respectful:
Seeks and shares knowledge:
Facilitates positive change:
Is adaptable and resilient
Skills and Knowledge

Qualified  Status in the field of  Human right/ child rights
4 years demonstrable experience in the area of child right.
Demonstrable experience on working in child rights advocacy area.
Demonstrable knowledge on the use of different approach on child rights facilitation,  
Personal considerations

In addition to the job description, the following information should be used when considering whether a placement is suitable for you.

Personal health considerations

If you have a significant current or past medical condition and/or you have general concerns about staying healthy as a volunteer, please use this information to assess whether this placement will be suitable for you. All volunteers require medical clearance from a VSO medical adviser before they are able to take up a placement with VSO. Occasionally, VSO may consider that this placement is too great a risk for you in terms of your personal health and you would be advised to consider a different placement. For further guidance about medical assessment and volunteering with a medical condition please see thefrequently asked questions on VSO website

Access to medical care and support

The standard and quality of local medical care and support available at this placement will depend on its location within the country. Health facilities are likely to be more poorly resourced in rural areas in terms of medical expertise, equipment, infrastructure and regular supplies of medication. However, this may not be the case in the capital city or in a larger town, where in some countries there may be a reasonable standard of medical care. The following gives you an indication of where the placement is in relation to the country office and how easy it would be to make the journey if you were ill. 

The quality teaching Facilitator will be based in Bukoba in Kagera District.  The Kagera region has five hospitals that provide basic health services to the community. The nearest referral hospital is in Mwanza which is 550 km from Bukoba. There is flight betweenBukoba and Mwanza twice a day.

When professional volunteers have more serious illnesses they are usually treated at the IST clinic in Dar es Salaam. The main route to Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania from Bukoba is a flight from Mwanza, which takes approximately 1.5 hours.

In Dar es Salaam the VSO office is ten minutes walk from IST Clinic, who treat or refer volunteer medical cases.  IST clinic is also available for advice by phone.

In the case of medical emergencies the programme office has an emergency phone and works through AXA insurance to ensure the most appropriate and quickest medical action is taken.  This may involve receiving medical attention at a local level, in Dar es Salaam or being transferred to the nearest centre of excellence.

Malaria is the number one killer disease in Tanzania.  Care needs to be taken to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. The use of repellents, bed nets, and anti malaria drugs is necessary.

Application Instructions:

 To apply and To download the full job description click the link below

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